Logitech Harmony Link for Android and Google TV

In a post on the Logitech blog, Ashish Arora, Vice President and General Manager of the Digital Home Group at Logitech outlines the new Harmony Link functionality for Google TV, and it is some exciting stuff!

Of course we already know that Logitech is creating a companion box so that you can add Google TV to your existing HDTV.  Now we know some more of the functionality that they are going to include in the box – such as turning your Android phone into device to control any of your entertainment center components that use IR remotes.

This functionality is called Harmony Link, and it honestly looks like something that could be a big deal.  If you are a home theater enthusiast, you probably have many different components with many different remotes floating around.  The idea of a Logitech Harmony remote is that you can get rid of all your device remotes and converge them into one high quality device.  Usually this would cost you from $149 – $400 depending on the model Logitech remote you bought.  Now with Harmony Link you will be able to install an App to your Android handset that will have the same kind of functionality as a Harmony Remote!

This is a very cool development for HTPC enthusiasts who own Android handsets.  As you can see in the picture to the left, you have a Motorola Droid and a Nexus One running the Harmony Link app.  Want to control your HTPC setup from your coach with one remote?  Yeah, there is an app for that, but it ISN’T on the iPhone.