A smartphone that doesn’t last a day in the 21st century isn’t a smartphone worth having, and with devices now including more and more processor intensive features, the battle of functionality versus battery life is hotter than ever.

A great device can be let down entirely by the length of time it lasts between charges and it is important to know that you won’t be left without your device on a long day at the office or travelling.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the devices which have been proven to have the longest battery life between charges to enable you to make the best decision when choosing your next device. The devices are ranked according to the battery capacity they have, and ultimately the bigger battery capacity the longer it’ll hold a charge, together with user rating against how they performed when it comes to the claimed capacity.

There’s no denying that judging by the above graph that Android trumps both iOS and Windows Phone when it comes to both battery capacity in the devices and user rating for getting the expected life between charges.

Do you find yourself turning off GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and even dimming the screen to where it’s almost unreadable at the end of the day to conserve that last few percent of your battery? Let us know in the comments below which device you decided to get and if it lives up to the battery expectation .

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    • They are also missing the lg g pro with a 3140mah battery. LG totally got dissed in this crap chart. Samsung must have paid to have this put up.

    • Agree. I have the LG G2 and the battery lasts all day even with full brightness, streaming music all day over 4G to bluetooth headphones. Plus, it looks better than the Samsung Galaxy phones, putting all the buttons out of view and giving you a clean screen.

  1. This is a useless graph to me. You seem to have just sorted some phones by capacity.. there is mention in the “article” about user ratings.. this isn’t shown in the graph at all. Furthermore, there are more phones out there that I’m considering to buy, like the Moto X and the HTC One m8, both of which are mentioned to have great battery life even though they don’t have the biggest capacity. Why did you even post this?

  2. Where’s the Droid Maxx? I can go nearly three days with mixed use before I’m forced to plug in. And that’s without changing any settings.

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