Lookout offers real-time detection of mobile threats with new Labs app

Ever wonder how many people are actually using Lookout Mobile Security to protect their Android devices?  Wouldn’t it be neat to see users being protected in real-time as they install new apps and visit website across the globe?  Well, thanks to a new Lookout Labs application this is actually now possible.  Head to the Android Market and grab the new app and watch as your fellow Android users are safeguarded against malware and other mobile threats.  And lest you believe the app is purely goofy fun, it does show which are the top three threats protected for each week.

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Introducing Lookout Labs’ Mobile Threat Tracker

By Yuri

Here at Lookout, we like to push the boundaries of mobile. Last year, we launched “Lookout Labs,” an initiative that enables our team to quickly create and launch new mobile products. Many of you have already had the chance to find a lost phone with Plan B, or learn a little more about Carrier IQ with ourdetector app; both were concocted in Lookout Labs. Today, we’re excited to introduce our Mobile Threat Tracker. This interactive app allows you to zoom through time and watch as thousands of sparks light up the globe, each one representing a real person protected by Lookout. With the LookoutMobile Threat Tracker, you can now see the thousands of threats that Lookout identifies and catches everyday. This app should answer some of the questions we get all the time:

“Are there really mobile threats?”  “How many mobile threats are there?”  “What are the most common mobile threats?”

Behind the Mobile Threat Tracker

This last summer, I worked as an engineering intern at Lookout, and I loved reading the stories thatLookout users submitted to our company. It was pretty cool to hear how Lookout had saved the day for our users by finding their lost or stolen phone, backing up their precious data, or blocking them from downloading a malicious app. I thought it would be interesting to build an application showing the many threats that Lookout detects across the world, telling the story of these individual users at a macro level. This was the genesis for the Mobile Threat Tracker. The Mobile Threat Tracker shows a globe against a starry backdrop where each flying spark illuminates a mobile threat we’ve detected. With a swipe of your finger, you can travel through time to see mobile threat activity and read the top three threats Lookout protected against for the current week.

We hope you enjoy using the Mobile Threat Tracker to see the mobile threats Lookout protects against across the globe. Download the app from the Android Market today: [link], and send us your feedback, we’d love to know your thoughts: [email protected][dot]com. Be sure to stay tuned for more innovative projects to come from Lookout Labs!

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