Manage all of your home’s connected devices with Circle with Disney

You’ve read all of the insane stories related to Pokemon Go. Some are good like Nintendo making a comeback, and people getting extra exercise while playing the game. Others are pretty bad with people walking off a cliff in San Diego, or simply people playing too much too often.

The moral of the story is the internet is an extremely fun place, but without limitations, it can lead to unintended and unwanted results.

As adults, we must help our young ones stay safe and live a balanced life so they can grow up well rounded and healthy. When I was a kid growing up in the 80’s, my parents didn’t have to worry about me being exposed to crazy things on the internet. All I had access to was a small 20″ TV that maybe picked up five channels when the antenna was positioned perfectly. Fast forward to 2016, and kids have access to just about anything and everything through the internet. Most parents similar in age to me (36) need tools to help keep their children safe as the internet can be a dangerous place.

Parents also need tools that can help them limit how much time their kids spend on the internet, because kids need their sleep and to do their homework.

That’s where Circle with Disney comes in to save the day.

Circle is a device that pairs wirelessly to your already existing home router and allows you to control every single connected device in your home. For $99, you get the Circle and no additional monthly fees or subscriptions are involved.

With Circle you can set time limits, track time spent on apps across multiple devices, filter content, pause the internet, and gain insight into how devices are being used in your home. If you’re worried about your kids spending too much time playing Pokemon Go, or staying up too late on social media, simply manage their respective devices and time spent with them by installing Circle with Disney in your home. There’s even an internal battery just in case your kids decide to unplug it to keep it running.

If you’re worried about your children outside of the home, you can complete the entire package with Circle Go. Circle Go extends the controlled coverage beyond WiFi for an additional $9.95 per month. Right now it is only available for iOS smartphones and tablets with support for Android in development now.

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Circle has an app to control the internet and devices from your Android or iOS smartphones. Learn more at

It can be purchased for $99 at Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and the Disney Store.

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