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We know you are busy. Really busy. And you turn towards your phone to increase your productivity. But in the end, it becomes one of the biggest reason for your unproductiveness. It will continue to be the same until your phone starts to learn more about you. Sounds ridiculous? Then SnapLock will leave you in amazement.

SnapLock is a basic, down-to-the-ground lockscreen app (Unlike those flashy fingerprint scanners) which aims at better security with little or no pain for the user. Wandou Labs have released version 2.0 of this popular app which takes the awesomeness to a whole new level.


Coming directly to the point, it’s real. This app now recognizes your app use patterns and records the apps along with the time of the day you are using those apps. It then uses this data to present you more customized app suggestions during different times of the day directly on your lock screen. Wandou Labs call this the “App Rhythm”. It does records your rhythm and present suggestions accordingly and is definitely not a gimmick.




For example, in the morning time, your phone wishes you with apps like Email, Weather, News, Music, and Ebook to help start your day and commute to work. In the evening time, as you get home, you get presented with apps like restaurant bookings, cooking recipes, and messaging/chatting apps.

According to a study, an average Android user has 95 apps installed on their phones and 35 of them are used per day in varying favourability at different frequencies. You are one of those users too. Let me get to the basics and ask you how do you get to a certain app when you need it?

Normally, you first unlock your phone, open the app drawer, and scour your precious collection of never-ending apps for that one specific app. This process takes 5-10 seconds. It’s meagre and nothing to bother about. But multiply it by the number of times you do this everyday and the results will be astonishing.

For an average user, it might not matter but for a business person or a very scheduled guy, whose very lives are heavily dependent on their phones, the figure would be mind-boggling. SnapLock helps you save all that time by presenting you the most-used apps during different times of the day at your fingertips and makes it even more easier with swipe-to-open app directly from the lockscreen.

You even get notifications from your favourite apps as well as a quick reply option for messages on your lockscreen. All this is done without going anywhere from the lockscreen and in just a snap of fingers. Now that’s called “Productivity boost”. SnapLock comes in a very elegant, sleek and simple package which doesn’t feel like a custom adjustment but rather an in-built feature.

If you try this app, I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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