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Lately, USB Type-C have been all over the internet. The Chromebook Pixel, MacBook, and soon to be OnePlus 2 all have one thing in common: they are pioneers by employing the USB Type-C connector on their devices. If you are stuck with a device still using the standard micro USB cable and don’t want to upgrade to get the reversible feature, there’s new hope.

MicFlip USB Type A reverse MicFlip micro USB reverse

Winnergear has now introduced the MicFlip, the world’s first fully reversible micro USB and Type-A USB cable. That means it is reversible in both directions. The Type-A side can be flipped and so can the micro side as well. In order to get the project started, Winnergear has put together an Indiegogo campaign for consumers to donate to for perks and to support the cause.

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One of the biggest pains when I go to charge my device at night is whether or not I have the micro USB cable facing the right away. It’s especially a problem for me, due to the fact that I switch between my Nexus 6 and LG G4 frequently. The Nexus 6 has the micro USB slot right side up whereas the G4 has it upside down. I always seem to put the cable in upside down.

The MicFlip will definitely alleviate those concerns. Not only that, but Winnergear did not skimp on the design either. They listened to their consumers in a recent poll and they found some interesting results. 75 percent of the people who took the poll wanted a reversible micro USB cable and the other 25 percent wanted a more durable construction.

Winnergear coupled both of them together to make one heck of a cord. Not only is the cord reversible on both ends, but it also has an aluminum build, 2 meter long tangle-free braided cable, and gold plated plugs. The MicFlip is definetely the ultimate micro USB cable, and you can help to the cause. The full perks can be seen below.

  • $15 Early Bird – 1 MicFlip cable
  • $20 First Edition – 1 MicFlip in retail packaging
  • $30 Double Flip – 2 MicFlip cables
  • $100 StockFlip – 10 MicFlip cables in retail packaging
  • $225 Friends & Family – 25 MicFlip cables in retail packaging
  • $425 Fifty Shades of MicFlip – 50 MicFlip cables in retail packaging
  • $1,500 Wholesalers – 200 MicFlip cables in retail packaging

The campaign has already exceeded its goal of $6,000 by over 710 percent. Right now the total is up to $42,575. It just goes to show how in demand a reversible cable is in the market.

MicFlip feature photo

Production has already been started and the cable is looking at a September release. We are hoping to get ours hands on the MicFlip to give it a review. Once we do, we’ll be sure to let you know. What are your thoughts on a reversible micro USB cable? Are you going to pick one up?

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    • True, but as it will only be on new devices and new PC’s, how long before even 50% of consumers have those new devices. For example, look at the Android usage stats and notice how many customers are still on older devices using KitKat, Jelly Bean, etc.
      With that said, I think I will wait and read actual reviews on this. It looks really cool, but I’ve been burned by several crappy Kickstarter experiences, so I’m more cautious on jumping on band wagons now.

  1. Buyer Beware!! They will take your money and not ship. My Order#13487537 was purchased in September and they’ve lied about it being in the mail and stated they would resend only to do nothing and then stop responding all together. They have been reported to Indiegogo and I am in the process of reporting them to the authorities. It’s going to be difficult because they are shipping from outside the US, but I think it is worth the effort to stop these criminals!!!

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