Microsoft wants Windows on HTC Android phones

HTC, hurting worse than ever before, really needs to turn things around…and fast. After changing strategies over the last few quarters, hiring a high-profile pitchman, and selling back Beats stock, HTC is still facing an uphill battle. Surely someone will through them a lifeline, right? Microsoft happens to be one of those companies willing to “lend a hand”.

According to unnamed Bloomberg sources, Microsoft has reached out to HTC with plans to install Windows Phone 8 on Android devices as a way to give consumers choices in platforms. Indeed, Microsoft wants HTC to create a dual-boot environment of both operating systems. Reportedly, Microsoft would waive the licensing fees that HTC has been sacked with over the last few years.

It’s pretty significant stuff and just goes to show the desperation of two once-mighty players in the mobile space. Neither are in a position to go about their business as usual and HTC is said to be warm to the idea.

You Tell Us!

What do you think of this idea? Would you be more likely to consider an HTC device if it booted to both Android and Windows Phone 8? Is HTC smart to be considering the move? Are both companies just dead men walking?