Android Could Soothe Microsoft’s Silverlight Itch

Microsoft has expressed interest in developing its Silverlight for the Android platform. After making several futile attempts to break onto the iPhone’s App Store or onto the handset as a native application, Microsoft feels the Android platform gives it a better opportunity for its Silverlight.

Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, (the guy behind Silverlight) thinks that Android provides a better platform than the iPhone in that it at least allows third party apps to run in the background and with no big fuss. As we all know, Apple reserves the right to weed out apps that it deems to be conflicting with its interests.  On the other hand, Android has no such restriction set up and provides a perfect platform for giants like Microsoft all the way down to the independent developer to display their apps on its Market.

As for now, Guthrie says that MS will be watching closely to see how Android gets accepted in to the world. IF we could take all the recent hype and attention as a litmus test,  MS could soon be finding itself to be embracing Android.

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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about Silverlight. On the surface, all I see is MS making a poor play for Adobe flash. Deeper though, if I can’t have adobe flash on Android, starlight would be better than nothing.

    If anything, perhaps it would foster the development of flash for android.

  2. I have so far heard mixed things about Silverlight, some think it really does offer better capabilities than Adobe Flash and that’s from someone whom really used it, while there are many saying that it’s simply Microsoft’s attempt at besting Adobe but not completely succeeding. Maybe there are some more knowledgeable guys around here who could comment on this subject, by that I mean people who have used both pretty much equally as much, and give the pro’s and con’s on each ‘product’ so to speak. I at least have this feeling that many people are simply dismissing Silverlight as not being a very good platform to build your web-apps on because it’s made by Microsoft and it must therefore be bad, which I think is a lame excuse.

  3. Flash is horrible to program in, it seems to be tailored more towards artists than programmers. Microsoft is king of the hill when it comes to programming languages and development tools, nobody else in the industry really compares.

    Flash will probably remain more popular for things like web games that are mostly designed by artist types, but Silverlight is going to become the favorite for real web apps and more complex programs. Silverlight is still young and has some maturing to do, but that is true with pretty much every 1.0 Microsoft product and they generally start kicking some ass after a year or so.

    Off Topic – my G1 just shipped! Estimated delivery date: 10/21 !!!

  4. I agree with chefgon. I am a developer working on a business application for silverlight, which would be very cumbersome to do in flash.

    After Visual Studio 2010 comes out next year you will see many people move their computer based applications to Silverlight because it is rather simple. Also, silverlight is already in v3.

  5. I say that it would be better to have M$ supporting (meaning making $ in) the Android world, than to have both Apple and M$ trying to stifle Android completely. The enemy of my enemy sort of thing! This may also throw the FTC off of M$'s trail, a bit!

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