Prepping Distribution and Content Discovery Tool, Will Pay 95% Cut to Developers has announced that their Android app distribution and content discovery tool is headed your way in the near future.  Now before you think, “Great, another market!”, hear this one out.  Developers who participate in the program will walk away with a 95% cut of sales as opposed to the standard 70% that comes with most systems, including the Android Market.  Android developers will be able to target end-users across the internet, based on release platforms, countries, categories, and more using “Smart Widgets”.

Although there is no specific date to speak of just yet, the marketplace is expected to launch soon. Things are currently in a private beta period though interested developers are encouraged to begin submitting their apps via  For additional details, hit the jump and check out the press release.

MobileApps will have their work cut out for them as they face a constantly improving Android Market.  That’s not to mention the other models out there today and the Amazon system on the horizon.  Let’s hope the 95% payout is enough to entice a sizable number of developers.  Then, let’s hope the marketplace is clearly visible and accessible to Android users!

New App Marketplace Pays 95% Cut to Developers, Helps Get Their Apps Discovered With Breakthrough Smart Widgets.

Combining a publisher network and proprietary app discovery system, mobile apps can soon get found in targeted countries, categories and phone platforms and out of the clutter of app stores . To top it up, developers earn the bulk of payouts, at 95% instead of the industry standard of 70%.

(PRWEB) January 25, 2011 — is inviting app developers to submit their apps to its upcoming marketplace. Due to be launched soon, encourages developers to sell their apps at wholesale prices, since they are only paying a 5% fee per download instead of the industry-standard of 30%.

Cutting out the middle-man and creating a free economy for app developers to sell direct has always been their model. The 5% fee charged is just to cover credit card and basic admin expenses and revenues for the company will come from advertising and licensing.

“Ultimately, our highest intent is to be portrayed as the Robin Hood of app developers that truly champions their interests. By taking care of the needs of app developers, they now get to focus on what they do best: building better apps and providing better customer service.” says Alvin Koay, the CEO and founder of the start-up.

“We help developers in many ways. We pay the highest payouts we can and provide the best facilities such as app discovery solutions, payment infrastructure, negotiations with carriers for bulk carrier-billing rates, etc. We strive to discover gaps in the present app store markets and fulfil them to the benefits of app developers.” he added.

Developers in Android Market face problems selling their wares to many countries due to Google’s payment checkout restrictions and also the non-existence of a browser-based store for PCs. addresses these issues by allowing global users with credit cards to buy apps from both their mobile devices and home PC. “We even make it easy for developers to import their app details from Android Market and Apple AppStore with one click and populate their “search engine optimized” app profile page within seconds.”, says Koay.

For any developers, getting discovered in the crowded app stores is indeed a huge challenge. Soon, developers can target end-users across the web, based on phone platforms, countries or categories that their app is made for. By advertising in the self-serving “Smart Widgets”, developers can drive buyers to and sell them their creations. This app discovery solution is especially beneficial to Apple developers to escape the crowded app store of 300,000 items. Not only they get their apps discovered, they are also able to earn commissions on their own sales. Potential buyers are channeled from their app profile in to the iTunes store using their own iTunes affiliate links, earning commissions from their own sales.

In anticipation of the full website launch, app developers are now invited to build their app profiles in and to submit their finished pages to search engines. For now, the marketplace is closed under private beta and is on a wait list by invitations only.

To start submitting apps to their global marketplace, visit now.

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