mophie and InvisibleShield Announce UV Sanitizer Solutions

I think we can all agree that being ‘clean’ has sort of taken on a whole new meaning over the last few months. As we all continue to find our way through fighting a global pandemic, we also have to make sure the things we touch daily are clean. The obvious things come to mind; light switches, door knobs, your hands. One thing that I don’t think many people think about are their phones.

We all touch our phones many, many times per day, just the same as our door knobs and light switches. However, we wash our hands and grab our bacteria filled smartphones.

Think about this: The Center for Disease Control estimates that 80% of common infections are transmitted by hands, while another study found an 82% overlap between bacteria on test subjects’ fingers and their phones. Yeah, that’s kind of gross.

Two trusted brands in the tech world have introduced a way to help with cleaning your smartphone.


InvisibleShield, who you probably know from the screen protector on your phone, has introduced its UV sanitizer.

It uses UV-C bulbs to kill up to 99.99% of all surface bacteria, not only on your smartphone, but it will also kill bacteria on your keys, earbuds, and any other non-porous objects you can fit in it.

To make things even more convenient, it is powered by a USB-C cable (included). The InvisibleShield UV Sanitizer is available for $60.


Another company that you’ve probably heard of, mophie, has its own UV Santizer on the market, too.

Mophie does mophie things with their version, and took it up a notch. It provides the same bacteria killing power as the InvisibleShield version, while also adding 10W wireless charging. Indeed, you can charge a Qi compatible device while sanitizing something else.

It is powered via the included micro USB cable and it does cost a bit more than the InvisibleShield version. The mophie UV Sanitizer with wireless charging, for its part, costs about $80.

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