Moto Atrix to see Gingerbread in July?

I think I may be hallucinating, or at least seeing double, as there is more news about another handset getting a promised upgrade on time, well, sort of on time.  News is being reported that the Moto Atrix on the AT&T network is going to get it’s production build of gingerbread.Brief Mobile is reporting this morning that the Atrix is going to receive the update in late June early July, going off the fact that leaked builds are pretty clean and bugless.  A quote from the article:

it seems that AT&T and Motorola are closing in on a final Gingerbread build for the Atrix that will be available via update some time in July. The July update will be the third over-the-air modification from Motorola and AT&T since the February release of this dual-core superphone.

The update will bring Android 2.3.3 to users on AT&T with a new and improved Motorola Blur skin. Sideloading will be enabled as per AT&T’s new ruling on the issue. Of course, Motorola’s packed some major features into this update including, but not limited to: overscroll glow, application grouping, re-built main applications, downloads management, an improved camera, better power management, a re-done keyboard, and some nifty new animations. The device’s new version of Blur looks a lot like the Droid X’s recently obtained update.

Whether or not you are a fan of motoblur, the other improvements are going to be pretty win. What will be missing will be the 2.3.4 update with the Google video chat installation. Hopefully that will come in the future. More on this as it comes about.