Moto Gearing up for 4G

Amidst its ruinous 2008, Motorola is shifting gears to embrace 4G. That’s welcome news as most of the carriers like Sprint, AT&T and Verizon are switching to LTE or the future 4G for their next gen Mobile phone services.

It has successfully tested over-the-air LTE data sessions on the 700MHZ spectrum which making it the first handset maker to do so. The spectrum is considered to be the most important as it requires less number of towers and better penetration in to the buildings than existing frequencies. Darren McQueen, was quoted to have said that Moto has tested its devices on the 700 MHZ and 2.6 GHZ spectra and are expected to release sometime around next year.

The prototypes tested were judged based on their video streaming capabilities and their ability with high data rate applications that used the quality of service of the LTE standards. The white space is to be created following the switch from analog to digital in Feb 2009.

Incidentally, as everyone was so keenly following the presidential elections, there was another one going on in Washington.  The FCC was voting over the proposed spectrum plan of Google and Microsoft (even Motorola) who are very ambitious of using the scrumptious white real estate.  Many companies would like to launch their own broadband wireless devices and extend the wireless networks to even the rural areas. It was voted in 5-0.

And what does that mean for us? We’ll see new and innovative high-end devices (hopefully not like Peek) evolve that use faster ultra-broadbands and wireless services.

So, when we hear that a major member of OHA like Moto gearing up for the 4G, with few of the carriers already there, we can expect a 4G Android handset by the next year end unless any other maker brings out one.

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