Moto Handset Division Could Trim by Half as Early as This Week

Some grim news out of the Motorola camp this weekend as PhoneScoop shares a few details about the hurting handset maker.  Not only will they be pulling out of CTIA Wireless this year, but they’re also scaling back on the number of smart phones they plan to release in 2009, with around a dozen.  On top of that, the only smart phones they’ll produce, will be Android only.

As we learned a while back, Motorola plans to go with few operating systems for future smart phones.  Now, it’s down to one.  Nothing like being thrust into the spotlight, eh?  Please, please, please.  Let’s keep it quality over quantity guys and you ought to be alright.

The worst bit of news from PhoneScoop this evening is that there could be a vast amount of layoffs in the handset division as early as this week.  How bad?  We’re hearing that up to half of the division could be getting the axe.  Ouch!  We really feel for the company and anyone affected.

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