Moto T? Lenovo outlines its plans for a new Motorola Tablet

motorola tablet

With the acquisition of Motorola due to be complete by the end of 2014, Lenovo plans to re-brand some of its products with the Motorola name. Sources say this will include smartphones and tablets. Depending on region and/or brand awareness, Lenovo could conceivably take any of its tablet/smartphone offerings and slap a Motorola badge on them.

Hopefully, Lenovo is wise enough to notice that Motorola’s brand identity has changed, drastically, over the last two years. Motorola has gone from a mobile phone mill, churning out model after model of basically the same phone to a company that makes much more intentional decisions based on design and function. A Lenovo tablet with a Motorola tag on it seems counterproductive.

If this is the overall strategy, all of the momentum Motorola has built will be lost. The Moto X, G, and E, along with the Moto 360, will be lost in a sea of mass produced plastic garbage built to flood the market and make a few bucks.

Excuse me for being overly critical of Lenovo, but I’ve become a big Motorola supporter in the last 18 months and want to see where their current thinking will take them.

A Motorola designed Motorola Tablet could be pretty awesome. A Lenovo designed Motorola Tablet will end up on the bargain shelf in your local electronics store.

via [G4Games]

Source [ChinaTimes]

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