Motorola “Not Entertaining” Windows Phone 7, is 100% Committed to Android

As it appears today, Motorola is not looking beyond Android for help with their smart phones. With the slow rise in Windows Phone 7 and a new set of devices to contend with, one might have expected the handset maker to join the likes of Samsung and LG. In speaking with the press at Mobile World Congress this week, Motorola representative Christy Wyatt hammered home their desire to stick with Google’s mobile OS.

“I don’t envision us using Microsoft. I would never say never but it’s not something we’re entertaining now.  We’re the only vendor who is 100 percent Android”

At one point, it was suggested that Motorola would consider other platforms, including the reborn Microsoft OS. However, thanks to a much delayed rollout and closed approach, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t get a second look today.

“…But there were a bunch of things that we believed about Microsoft that ended up not being true, mostly about what functionality it would have in what period of time… We would like an opportunity to create unique value and we don’t feel we could with a closed platform.”

Source: Yahoo!