Motorola Jumps on the Unlocked Bootloader Bandwagon

Motorola, long considered the least friendly manufacturer to those who’d like to mod their phone, has indicated that they may begin including unlocked bootloaders across their Android product line later this year.

Motorola’s statement comes in response to Australian Atrix owner Irwin Proud, who managed to collect more than 8,800 signatures petitioning Motorola to “provide an unlocked/unencrypted bootloader option for its end users.” In response, Motorola provided the following statement:

“In terms of your question – we completely understand the operator requirement for security to the end user, and as well, want to support the developer communities desire to use these products as a development platform.  It is our intention to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM across our portfolio of devices starting in late 2011, where carriers and operators will allow it.”

Now, I’d rather have them say they’ll do it than just that they intend to do it, and that final phrase, “where carriers and operators will allow it,” leaves them a lot of room to not follow through, but it’s encouraging to see them take a step in the right direction.

Motorola joins Sony Ericsson and possibly Samsung in moving in this direction. Ironically, formerly developer-friendly HTC seems to be headed the other way.

Do you think Motorola will follow through on providing unlockable bootloaders? And if they do, will it make you more likely to consider a Motorola product as your next Android device? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Ausdroid

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