We were pretty accurate when we said that “any day now” we’ll get something official about the Devour.  Motorola has just announced the first Verizon handset to feature MOTOBLUR  Based on Android 1.6, the Devour is expected in the first quarter of this year. 

Assuming you might be new to Android or what MOTOBLUR is, we’ll recap the features and benefits.  The custom user experience from Motorola syncs contacts from all your favorite services including Gmail,  Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Keep up to date with posts, status updates, and pictures all in one place!

MOTOBLUR also makes it possible to remotely wipe your Devour should it be stolen.  This way, your information doesn’t fall into the hands of  unsavory characters.  The built-in GPS allows for users to locate their phone on a map should they simply misplace it.

Looking through the full list of specs, they do match up to what were previously leaked.  Again, the Devour is not a powerful device worthy of Nexus One or Droid comparisons.  However, with MOTOBLUR, the touch sensitive navigation pad, and slideout QWERTY, it offers something new to Verizon customers.

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  1. I had the devour for about two weeks… I had nothing but problems with it! It froze over and over the sound quality was horrible the battery life was non existing, the one thing I did think was a plus was the keyboard was great on it!!. I am sorry to bash it, I am sure the phone after all the kinks are all worked out will be an amazing phone. but i took it back and got the Moto Droid. I would def wait until the phone has been out for a little before buying. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE my Moto Droid now!!

  2. I bought the Motorola Devour about a month ago. I have one day left until I can change my mind about this phone. There is very little for me to complain about, and the only phone that I have considered switching to is the Motorola Droid. But I can't make up my mind without a few answers first. 1. Is there an app I can download for free or paid that will enhance my 3 megapixel camera that lacks a flash? 2. Will I ever be able to upgrade my Devour to the new 2.0 Android OS? 3. What am I missing by having the older Droid OS? 4. My service indicator usually says that I have terrible call service. The man at the store said that it is an issue with google and that the indicator is wrong. He also said that google is working on fixing this. Is he wrong? I live in San Antonio, and I never had anything less than 3 bars of service with my old phone. Is there any truth to what he is telling me? Or am I doomed to terrible call service if I keep my Devour?____I am new to the Android, Devour is my first, so I have lots of questions. What happens when you purchase an app from the market? Is it a one time fee, a monthly fee, or a yearly fee?____Someone please help me!

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