Back in May I had the opportunity to test the best portable speaker I have ever used – the Fugoo Tough speaker. It was not only mud-proof, water-proof, and shock-resistant, but it was also loaded with speakers that sounded incredible. There was no trade-off in any area and blew the competition out of the water.

Now in time for the holiday season, Fugoo has partnered up with Best Buy to sell their entire line of speakers in store and online.

For many people, they like to touch and hear speakers before they make a purchase. Being in Best Buy stores will give credence to the rave reviews that are on the web about the Fugoo speakers. Go listen to one for yourself and decide if you want portability, excellent sound quality, best in class battery life, and unmatched durability with style. The Fugoo speakers offer true 360 degree sound and are perfect both both indoor and outdoor use. Read about both below.

FUGOO Style XL, Sport XL, Tough XL – Bigger, Badder and Louder


FUGOO’s newest speakers, the Style XL, Sport XL and Tough XL, deliver 38 watts of audio power via eight acoustic drivers; four neodymium tweeters, two neodymium aluminum domed mid-woofers and two passive radiators.  To get true 360-degree audio, the drivers are strategically placed on all four sides at an eight-degree upward angle to deliver a 360-degree sweet spot. They easily fill an indoor or outdoor space in all directions with rich full bass, solid midrange, and crisp distinct highs.

The perfect companion for those who don’t want to be tethered to an electrical outlet or power bank, FUGOO XLs deliver 35 hours of battery life, easily outlasting any other speaker of its size – and even smaller ones – two or three times over. For added convenience, they can also fast charge a smartphone or tablet directly from the USB charge port, and six dedicated control buttons (which glow on the Sport XL) make it easy to control the music directly from the speaker. In addition, the Style XL and Sport XL float in water, making them the perfect speaker for open water expeditions.

FUGOO Style, Sport, Tough – Small and Powerful

FUGOO’s smaller award-winning speakers, the Style, Sport and Tough, are lightweight and highly transportable, making them ideal for travel. They feature six drivers: two tweeters, two mid-woofers and two passive radiators, also placed on all four sides at an eight-degree upward angle for 360-degree audio. And with 40 hours of battery life, they’ll often last a week or two of normal use without needing a recharge.

Availability and Prices

Best Buy is Fugoo’s exclusive retail partner on the Style XL and Tough XL until Jan. 31, 2016. The Fugoo Style XL and Tough XL as well as Fugoo’s complete line of smaller speakers, the Fugoo Style, Sport and Tough, and accessories are available now in Best Buy’s U.S. stores and on The Sport XL and additional accessories are available at They will be in Best Buy’s Canadian stores and on by mid-October.

The MSRP for the Style XL is $279.99, the MSRP for the Sport XL is $299.99, and the MSRP for the FUGOO Tough XL is $329.99. The MSRP for the Style is $179.99, the MSRP for the Sport is $199.99, and the MSRP for the Tough is $229.99.


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  1. Agreed! The tough XL is ridiculous! I’ve had a Bose before, and the sound on this is wonderful. The XL gets really really loud, but more importantly, not distorted and keeps superb quality at high levels! That tough xl is one bad ass looking speaker.

  2. The Xl is a great improvement in sound. Much fuller and
    rich. Slightly deeper base and crystal clear highs. I was able to listen both
    side by side and they solved the main problem I had with the smaller Fugoo
    which was it wasn’t loud enough. At a party or the beach it would often be hard
    to hear over the crowd noise or the sound of the ocean. Not anymore! I highly
    recommend this speaker and encourage you to check it out in person if you have
    any doubts. My only complaints are I wished the Tough XL floated. We spend a
    lot of time on the water and I will have to go with the Sport. I would also
    like another option for color as well for the sport. I think the white will get
    dirty fast.

  3. I just got the small Style model and it’s great. Plenty loud for me, and the sound quality is light years above the JBL Pulse I replaced.

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