New Android Demo from London Event

Here’s a little video of Android in action from today’s Google Developer Event over in London.  The device used to demonstrate some of Android’s features looks like the same device we’ve been seeing for the last few months.  This time, it might be the finished product as the carrier’s logo was taped over with initials on it.

Watch the video below to see a quick run through that shows off the accelerometer, GPS, and touch screen features.  Mike Jennings, the developer giving the presentation, plays with a little program he created after a few hours.

Here’s a very high (3008 x 2000) resolution image from the event.

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  1. What’s the point in covering the labels… hasn’t everyone seen it? What is the point of demoing the phone on 23 if all these days the demoes we saw was of the same phone….. what’s new that’s going to happen on 23?

  2. The version of Android in that demonstration ain’t 0.9b – WTF?

    “All developers are created equal.” – Open Source Best Practices

  3. What happened to the Magnifying glass effect on the browser? That’s a major bummer.

    Phone looks not bad in black… Scrolling was iPhone fast. Blue ball physics were impressive.

  4. I have been following the android phone for about 2 months, not as closely as some people, but I am looking forward to the new phone. I have never posted a comment because I don’t know nearly as much as most of you about phones. However, I just found an article that is worth sharing. Officially, September 23rd at 10:30 am, I believe EST, T-Mobile will anounce the HTC Dream. Here is the article for those that are interested:


  5. A PC Pro article describes the demoed handset as “far more polished” than the leaked videos.. =D Confirmation!

    Technically, little had changed from the earlier leaked videos, but this device looked far more polished. In fact, it even had masking tape over the operator’s logo. This didn’t look like a pre-release prototype, this looked like it was a finished commercial device.

  6. “What happened to the Magnifying glass effect on the browser? That’s a major bummer.”

    Don’t worry, it’s in there, (well, it is in the 0.9 SDK), I think you have to press and hold to get at it from what I remember.

  7. AHA… thanks Andrew.

    Anyway I’ve decided to purchase the black one (best looking) and give Android a run for a year, till Tegra-powered WM7 phones come out…. Hopefully we’ll see as many iPhone apps for Android within the coming months….

    Even though the Touch HD seems super amazing.

  8. Yeah I’m playing again with the emulator, the magnifying glass effect appears when you double tap the browser. NICE.

    I can’t wait till the new Java V8 technology is implemented on the Browser (ChroMo?)… because the browser is a lot slower than Opera Mini (which yeah I know, renders a JPEG of the real site) that I am used to.