Hey folks, we’ve got a while off until another Nexus phone shows up anywhere, but a lot of talk and predictions are that there will be a refreshed Nexus 5 phone rather than another Nexus 6. This is only talk of course, but for your enjoyment and imagination, we’ve got some fresh concept pictures of what I hope the upcoming Nexus phone will look like.

With aluminum sides, dual front-facing speakers and a clean, minimal front and back, this was designed to have Motorola and HTC qualities combined. The back is meant to look and feel like the plastic on the Nexus 6 back. The IR blaster is what you see on the top, and dual-flash located on both sides of the back camera.

Also, here’s a picture of customizable back covers, “Material Style”



Again, this is just a fan-made concept only to be taken as so.

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  1. Take note Google… an IR blaster. Antequated piece of technology, perhaps, but for a company focused on getting content to other screens (Chromecast) wouldn’t it behoove you to consider adding something to function as a universal remote. It does me little good to be able to control my Chromecast and Xbox if I still have to grab the remote to turn on the TV.

  2. I don’t think there will be any improved version of Nexus 5 as according to me it is the perfect device ever made by Google till date, apart from Nexus 6 that comes under the category of phablets. Well, I have Nexus 6 from last 1 month and liked its 5.96 inch screen, 3220mAh battery that supports faster charging with quick charge 2.0 charger.

    • true, but a lot of people prefer smaller handsets. The Nexus 5 is still great, but I personally would like a better camera and battery

  3. I’d rather NOT have a QHD display, and have better battery life. The resolution of the 2013 Nexus 5 is absolutely enough for a 5″ screen. I do hope they do a Nexus 5 v2 though, as long as the price is similar.

    • Right on. The old nexus 5 is damn near perfect. Update the chip, camera, add a tad bit more RAM and a slightly bigger battery and take my money.

      Dual front facing speakers would be nice, but the revised original nexus 5 had plenty loud sound already. I’m really disappointed the nexus 5 hasn’t been refreshed already.

    • I’m getting minimum of 48 hours and 7 hours screen time on a QHD Note 4. With GPU effeciency and power getting better it’s not a major issue.

      • Wouldn’t you rather have longer battery life though? I was really referring to having 4k on a 5″ screen, which to me is utterly pointless and a waste of processing power (The opposite of what you’re meant to do on a mobile device).

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