New Samsung Galalxy Note tablet might dual-boot Android / Windows RT

With companies like HTC already being rumored to be coming out with stock dual-booting tablets with Android and Windows Phone, the rumors are starting to hit on other companies as well. Word is coming in from select sources that Samsung may also be jumping on the multi-OS train, with a Galaxy Note tablet the dual boots Android and Windows RT.

Specifically, rumors state that the HTC whispers aren’t in fact true, but that the Samsung ones actually hold some weight, but with rumors and C-level denials of secret projects, it’s always difficult to be sure. According to reports, Microsoft is offering to overlook licensing fees in exchange for Samsung and Huawei offering Windows / Android combo devices, to include phones and tablets. The surprising part on this is that, even with the tablets, Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to push Windows 8, but rather RT, possibly in lieu of getting more developers on board.

Samsung has allegedly already agreed to ink out the deal with Microsoft, and is planning to make the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2″ tablet a dual-booting device. One of the main problems we’re seeing with this is that Windows RT is a major storage hog, hovering in the vicinity of 16GB of storage needed for the OS alone. In combination with a TouchWIZ interface from Samsung that clocks in around 10GB, a 32GB tablet would only ship with 6GB of actual, usable space – something that, hopefully, both companies will realize that consumers will be upset about.

With Microsoft’s “meh” responses from customers on their latest Windows platforms, this could end up being a big move for the Redmond Goliath in their campaign to get the latest Windows OSes into the hands of users, or it could flop. Chances are, if the offer was made to HTC, with their losses coming in heavy, HTC may have declined the offer, possibly citing their falling profits as a reason to not make a big move like this.

via phonearena

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