Newbtorial: Adding Sounds to Your Android Phone

sound_waveHello Android users,

I thought I would be a good exercise to run through how to create/add new ringtones, alarms, and notifications.

It is very easy to add new sounds to your phone by following the steps below.

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via theUSB cable.
  2. Your phone will notify you that you have connected to a computer; check the notification and choose “mount.” This makes your phone a discoverable drive on your computer.
  3. On your computer, hit your windows button + ‘E’ to open your windows explorer.
  4. Navigate to your phone and open it, most likely called “removable drive.”
  5. In your phone, check to see if you have folders  called “alarms,” “notifications,” or “ringtones”… if you don’t’ have any of these folders yet, right mouse-click and create them.  (you may have these folders already if you have used a program like ringdroid to make alarms or ringtones)

Once these folders are created, any MP3 you move into these folders will show up as a sound that you can use for whichever purpose you designate.

Now to upload some cool sounds

  1. Open the web and go to a trusted source for free tones like
  2. Click on “see all ringtones.”
  3. A menu opens up on the right that allows you to browse by key term or you can search for something using the search bar.
  4. When you find a tone you like, click where is says “download.”
  5. Download the tone to your desktop.
  6. Copy the tone from your desktop and paste it in one of the folders you created in the above section (alarms, notifications, or ringtones).

Disconnecting your phone from the computer

  1. When you have downloaded all the content you want and pasted it into your phone directory, close the window explorer on your computer.
  2. On the bottom right hand corner of your screen there will be a little USB icon, click on it and choose “safely remove this device.”
  3. Either the computer will tell you that the device can now be removed safely or it will indicate that it was unable to close.  (If it is unable to close, you probably didn’t’ do step one or two correctly, go back and redo the steps).
  4. After your computer tells you it is safe to remove your device, on your phone pull down your notification bar and click on the USB notification and choose “turn off.”
  5. When your phone shows “preparing sd card” you can then remove the cable from the computer and phone.

You can now find your new ringtones and notification sounds by going to your homescreen >> menu button >> settings >> Sound and display >> Phone ringtone/Notification ringtone.  Any new alarm sounds can be found in your alarm appilcation.

Downloading tones from a site like is just one method for adding new sounds. Truly, you can upload any mp3 to one of your three sound folders. To do so, you would follow the same instructions listed above to mount your phone and move the file to your SD card. I hope you take some time to customize your sounds in order to make your phone a reflection of your own personality. For me, cycling through different sounds every so often helps me feel like my phone is brand new again.


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