Nexus 5 2015 Render 1

One of the most highly anticipated, and rumored, phones of 2015 may be getting closer and closer to fruition. Over the last month or so, we’ve been seeing more and more information coming out about a new Nexus 5. However, there haven’t been many images to follow the rumors, but even that has been changing as of late.

Nexus 5 2015 Render 3


While most of us were asleep, @onleaks, tweeted out some renders from uSwitch, which show off what could be the new design. The two big additions to take note of are the fingerprint scanner, and the USB Type-C charger. Currently, the only phone that has been released while sporting USB Type-C is the OnePlus 2. If LG’s Nexus 5 2015 comes with the updated charging capabilities, it would be awesome, and would hopefully kickstart other manufacturers to follow suit.

As for the rest of the Nexus 5 2015, the device includes a 5.2-inch display with two front facing speakers. Of course, this could be like the Moto X 2014, where one’s a speaker and the other is just the earpiece, but let’s hope for some dual-speakers on this front. One more thing to take note of is the protruding Camera. I’ve never been a fan of having a camera bump, but these renders don’t make it look too terrible.

Nexus 5 2015 Render 2

Just as a reminder, these are just renders, and aren’t actual images of the device. However, from uSwitch, these renders are based from the “detailed factory schematics provided to accessory-makers.” Nonetheless, I’m getting more and more excited for the impending release of this device.

The Nexus 5 is probably my #1 favorite device, with exception to the camera, so an updated version featuring a fingerprint scanner and updated specs, would be an insta-buy for me. Drop us a line and let us know what you think about the renders, and what seems to be the impending release of the Nexus 5 2015.

Source: @onleaks via uSwitch

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    • I’m really hoping this comes sooner rather than later. I love my Moto X, but would drop it in a heart beat for this.

      • I’m in the same boat as you. Rockin the Moto X 2014 and it’s a great phone, but sooo ready for a new Nexus. Still go back to my Nexus 5 a few times a month. As long as battery life and camera improve over the last model, I’ll be happy.

        • I’m on Big Red till October, so I’m hoping this is at least announced, so I can jump over to T-Mo.

          • That would be pretty solid timing for you. Hope that works out. I’ve been on T-Mo for years and am very please with it, much improved over the past year or so.

            Only rumor I’ve read about this Nexus that slightly concerns me is the processor. Read it could rock the Snapdragon 615? Rather than the 808, have you heard anything about that? I’m sure the 615 is very capable, but seems odd to opt out of the 808 since it’s had quality results. Makes sense from a price stand point though.

  1. Ugliest phone ever. It is a shame for LG if they produce such crap. I will switch to iPhone or Moto X Style

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