• The Nexus 6P was launched in September 2015, so it’s over a year old. And like it’s the case of most handsets, over time users start to notice their device isn’t working as great as it did when it was first purchased.

Performance might start to dwindle and batter life might decrease dramatically. It’s seems the latter problem applies to the Nexus 6P. A bunch of users have taken to Reddit to complain that the phone’s battery is dying out excessively fast.

The topic was started by user TheRedyTedy who uploaded a video showcasing the problem. It displays the Nexus 6P (running Android 7.0 Nougat) in the process of taking a few photographs via the Google Camera app. Immediately after the deed, the device powers off without warning. The phone in the clip is a RMA and has been put through a factory reset.

TheRedyTedy shows users that pressing the power button has no effect on the device, the only option to wake up the “sleeping beauty” being to connect the Nexus 6P to a charger.

The post has attracted numerous users who seem to be dealing with the same issue. Some report solving the problem through a factory reset or by flashing Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Another Nexus 6P owner claims his device was plagued by battery issues too, but he contacted Google and got a RMA which works just fine.

So if happen to find yourself in the same boat as these Nexus 6P owners you have three options you can try. The first one would be to perform a factory reset. Granted, it won’t be fun since all your data will be deleted, so if you choose to go with this option remember to back up all your information.

The second option would be to try and flash Android 7.1.1 Nougat on the device – there’s a whole thread devoted to that. In the case the fixes suggested above don’t work, you can always contact Google and ask for a replacement phone.

Is your Nexus 6P experiencing similar issues?

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  1. It’s not just the 6P, the N6 is also showing some severe drain. It was hit or miss on the developer previews but official Nougat is causing battery problems for a number of users. There’s also some noticeable lag.

  2. No battery issues for me. Do these complaining understand the phone will drain faster when there is a poor data or WiFi connection?

    • My phone drains in about 2 hours with minimal use and screen on time.. 2 hours. Fully charged to dead. It also doesn’t go into battery saver mode until right before it shuts down.

  3. Or you can just get a new phone because, you know, no phone will work like a new phone forever. These issues are just normal wear and tear. Pixel users will be having similar complaints a year from now.

  4. I am facing the same problem of battery draining out v quickly in the last 1 month. I m using Nexus 6P n upgraded to Android 7 recently too.
    I refused to do a Factory reset becos it’s really very troublesome for me.
    My phone (under the same heavy usage habit) used to be able to last for about 10hours. Nowadays out of no reason and no warning, just within one hour, the battery strength can drop to <30% without any warning. it's very irritating. What can I do?

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