Here we go!  The details are going from a trickle to a downright deluge these last few hours.  As we near the January 5th press event, chances are pretty good that we’ll know all the ins and outs before their officially announced.  Here’s what Gizmodo is reporting this evening…

The full cost of the handset will be $530 unsubsidized. Google won’t deliver us from the evil that is the US system (yet).  Don’t feel like dropping a mortgage payment?  Sign a 2-year agreement and get it for $180.00 instead.  As of right now, there’s only one rate plan to choose from: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 a month.

A few other bullet points:

  • Existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line
  • Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530
  • You can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account
  • There is language in the agreement of shipping outside the US
  • Google will sell it at, which totally makes sense to us
  • Google will still call it the Nexus One apparently, and not the Google Phone

Check this out: Wanna cancel your plan before 120 days is up?  You have to pay the subsidy difference between what you paid and the unsubsidized price.  That’s $350, kids.  Or you can return the phone to Google.

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  1. They better make another version for at&t 3g or sprint, verizon cause t-mobile coverage in my area is non existent which is disappointing to say the least. Nexus One unlocked for your carrier of choice now that would be game changing.

    • From what I understand, it is an unlocked GSM phone, which means that it will work just fine with an AT&T SIM card (or one from another GSM-based service provider, Cellular One for example), it just won't be able to access AT&T's 3G network since it's only designed to use T-Mobile's 3G bands. For Sprint and Verison Wireless, you'll have to wait for a CDMA version of the handset to hit the market.

  2. @Einhander Google Voice is NOT VOIP. It just connects the call through the cellular network and uses minutes like any other call.

  3. OK… Since it seems the details are coming out now, are there going to be any other colors? I waited for the white version of the G1. I'd love to see something besides that dreary gunmetal color.

    • The price for the data plan can't be right. $79 for just for data? That's more than triple what I'm paying now for the data plan on my G1.

  4. *sigh* I guess I can’t get this phone. I got a family plan and I don’t have 530 bux. I really like that rumor that it would be sold for 200 bux unsubidized. All that hype for nothing. But if you’re just about to get a new 2yr contract with tmo..good for you.

  5. This does not make sense. I am sure this is some rumor, otherwise this phone is outta my reach, and I am a professional, not a student who can't afford it. I was willing to give up my Verizon AND Blackberry, but this price is tooooo much!

    Thanks Google, but NO thanks!

    • Really?

      You were willing to give up Verizon (change carriers) and your blackberry (change phones) so doesn't it make sense to get the subsidized phone (accomplish both)?

      You're a "professional, not a student who can't afford it". Does that mean you get paid poorly? Surely a "professional" with "Verizon AND Blackberry" can afford to change to a similarly priced plan with a subsidized phone.

      Or, if you're fortunate to know someone with a family plan on T-Mobile, get a sim from them, the unlocked phone, and you will have saved the subsidized amount in one year. Do some math Mr. Professional and stop trolling; Unless you're a professional troll!

  6. Wow, the "You, Open Source, Freedom", life that both Android, HTC and Tmo are pushing is sure on a very short and expensive leash. I will pass and stick with my rooted G1, for now. Qwerty FTW!!!

  7. Why mistreat flexpay customers? I save money by never going over and using Google Voice instead of a text plan. I feel like I'm being responsible with my money in this regard. I've been an Android user and supporter since day one. Why am I being punished?

    • Nobody's being punished… People are focusing too much on the cost of the phone in the 2 very different ways they're presented. Look at importing most unlocked brand new smart phones. They typically run well over this price. People just aren't used to seeing prices this high and dont stop to do some simple math and see that over time, the unlocked phone is cheaper if you're creative.

  8. 'Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530'

    This is isn't logical at all!! Why make you change plans, even if you have a data package? Not a lot of people will shell out that much money in comparison to a subsidized phone available to plans that include data. With that combined with a unlocked version, profits would skyrocket! T-Mobile and Google stand to lose if this is true

    • I don't know about the other options but regarding a family plan…

      Even adding a new line to an existing family plan:
      $10 new line + $30 Data + $10 txt = $50/month = Total cost of ownership for 2 years of service ($600×2) + 530 = $1730
      The "new" $70 Plan = Total cost of ownership for a 2 year contract ($840×2) + 180 = $1860

      Over 2 years, with a family plan, it's cheaper by at least $130 to get the unlocked phone.

      You can save an additional $240 by not adding txt to your new line on the family plan and using alternatives.

      • But what you're saying doesn't apply to someone who would just like to upgrade the phone by extending an existing contract two more years. That they way I've gone from a Moto clamshell to MDA to Wing to G1. I'm still eight months from my renewal window but it doesn't sound like the N1 will be an option when the time comes unless I want to shell out the big bucks.

  9. I'm not understanding $80.00 bucks a month service for 1 phone!!!
    That could be a deal breaker for me. That must be for unlimitied everything.

    I thoght you could use any of Tmo's current no contract plans for this? I'm sure you can, how will they even know. Just tell them your activating a any other lame phone then give thim the Nexus' imei.

  10. That makes it easy for me to decide. I was on the fence because I didn't want to give up the G!'s excellent keyboard. Bus since I'm on a great grandfathered family plan—no way! It's root time!

  11. I agree this makes no sense to lock the phonedown to 1 overly priced plan. I have a grandfathered family plan if I have to switch to get the phone, then that makes this go from a must have to a hard sell. I cant share 500 minutes

  12. it makes absolutly no sense … i simply don't understand that story about the invite after i read this way of selling the nexus…

    • Google and HTC do… You read the article that said that T-Mobile won't offer technical support but you didn't read the part about who does?

      The prices are in line with industry standards.

    • It's saying that upon agreeing to purchase this phone, you won't export it from the USA and that you understand that HTC has manufactured this phone, not google. Google is simply selling it for HTC. This is the HTC Nexus One "with Google". Just like the HTC Magic "with Google" and the HTC Hero "with Google".

      I ain't a wizard of the speaking arts but I know a thing-er-two about simple inglsih!

    • It is standard boilerplate language warning you that the United States government may have restrictions on exporting this type of technology; presumably because it uses strong encryption. There have always been export restrictions on electronics with encryption built in to them.

  13. Would be a great deal if you were already on T-Mobile. Not priced attractively enough though to get anyone to pay a drop fee to move over there (not me at least). Smart move though on the part of Google. They now own the flagship phone on 3 of the 4 carriers (Verizon – Droid, Sprint – Hero, T-Mobile – Nexus One). When my Verizon contract ends next fall there will be a whole lot of great choices out there.

  14. Google hasn't confirmed any pricing on the Nexus One. I think $199 unlocked is by invitation-only. And T-Mobile can sell them unlocked at whatever price they want.

    The phones cost $150 to manufacture, it makes no sense for Google to be subject to the big evil cell phone carriers master plan to dominate the universe. Google is with us, not against us.

    If I am completely wrong, then Google is completely wrong.

    We want $200 unlocked Andoid VOIP phones now, and if Google isn't going to make it happen, then Google would just be copying Apple.

  15. Something is utterly rotten here. I smell a hoax. From the very start this looked very suspicious to me. Google and all others will learn a couple of lessons from this. First and foremost is that keeping things secret and using 'leaks' to build the hype can sometimes backfire as well. What is next? I bet there will be a screen shot of a user's Gmail inbox, with an invite from Google to buy the phone. I could fake a screenshot like that and paste it here as well. Google could have taken the major user sites like Gizmodo and Engadget etc into confidence so that none of this nonsense could become a legit 'leak'. Also these sites should think of their own reputation if they give credence to such 'anonymous leaks'. Someone will take a hit for this, and even though it seems like Google is the one to take that hit right now, it just might turn out to be the people who are treating this as legit. Here is a good article on this latest 'leak' at Guardian's website:

  16. I'm just gonna forget what the nexus one is and enjoy my slow ass G1 with limited internal space. Nothing but a dissapointment to me. In my case I'm not a new customer and I'm jobless so all it is a bunch of hype. My friggin 20gb EEE 900 cost less than this.

  17. What a crappy plan. Are they serious about us not being able to keep our current plans, and only 500 min? This is not near competitive with modern plans. WHAT A WASH!

  18. Contract Side of the nexus story, very, very tricky.. It seems like you are playing to loose with this TMobile monsters.
    Yet too much of a price for an unlocked phone , I do understand the upgrades and all , but still overpirced phone.

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