There should be little doubt that this phone is a Google branded experience.  Look at that box – there’s literally nothing on there save for the Google logo and Nexus One name.  Reminiscent of you-know-what.   The chaps at TechCrunch were passed 4 pictures of the Nexus One as well as quick bootup video.  Naturally, we felt obligated to share!

That UI is sexy, isn’t it?  That stock Android experience has come a long way since the G1!  Oh… and if you break out your Android handset and scan the barcode in the pic, you’ll be taken to  Random question – how does one scan the back of their own phone?

Thanks Benjamin!

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    • Actually, that wouldn't work as it would "mirror" the image (switch left and right or up and down depending on the position of mirror relative to the QR code) and it would not be legible anymore.

      One way for Android to "bite its tail" would be to snap a photo of the QR code and than scan it right from the camera or computer screen.

      The geek in my had to reply to this. :-)

    • Contrary to popular belief, not all googlers are geniuses. Especially the ones that leak confidential information to the internet.

  1. lol i can only imagine the google employees with a nexus

    "let me scan YOUR nexus, i want to play that game again"

    "no, let me scan YOURS!"

  2. In order to scan the back of the phone without removing the cover you must take the phone to a location with extremely non-euclidean geometry. We have one of those in the Google main campus.

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