Nexus Prime Shows up on Bluetooth SIG, Receives Certification

The launch of Google’s upcoming Android software, Ice Cream Sandwich, is around the corner. If we have a little look on last two years, we can see that Google launched two Google-branded phones falling under the Nexus series. One of these phones was launched with Android 2.2 and came to be known as the Nexus One. The other launched with 2.3 and was dubbed the Nexus S. Assuming the trend continues, it’s clear that ICS will also be revealed on a new phone at the launch.

According to the recent rumors, the phone will be manufactured by Samsung and bares the codename Google Nexus Prime with model number GT-i9250. The phone just got Bluetooth certification from Bluetooth SIG. This likely means that the device is just around the corner. Current rumors peg the release to be between November 28 and December 4. The device also got Wi-Fi certification recently. Spec wise, we’ve heard rumors that it’ll be featuring a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, a 4.5 or 4.65 inch HD display, and some other goodies.

Verizon has cancelled plans to launch SGSII, but we heard they’ll be launching the Nexus Prime instead. This should be comforting to all those Samsung fans at Verizon who thought they missed out.

Source: Android Community

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