Nielsen Report Tells Us We Don’t Really Need Unlimited Data…Yet

The latest Neilsen report concerning mobile data is out and it sheds light on how much data smart phone users are consuming.  They find that usage has increased 89% across the board for smart phones.  Among the heaviest users of data, your typical Android consumer gobbles up roughly 582 MBs per month.  Yeah, you read that right. Barely one half of one gigabyte.  And all this time you were worried about unlimited data plans.

The findings do show, however, that the top 1% of data hogs have increased their usage by 155 percent.  Whereas last year in Q1 they would blow through 1.8GB in a month, today they are hitting an average of 4.6GB in a month.

Now, we know that our readers are not “typical” users and that many of you would argue the need for more than, say, 5GB a month. On the other hand, this report confirms what a lot of carriers have been saying for a long time.  You are a heavy user.  Your aunt is “average”.

Looking at the charts, we see a trend that could put the average Android user well over 1GB come this time next year.  And as for you heavy 1%-ers, well, you’re probably going to melt cell towers.

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