Go Ahead, Have a One Nightstand

Since very few of us get to wake up whenever we feel like it, we tend to rely on alarm clocks to drag us out of bed.  I’m sure I am not alone here when I say that my phone has replaced my traditional clock on my night stand.

I’ve been using the stock alarm apps on my phone for years now, dating back to my Windows Mobile days.  For Android, I’ve been quietly putting up with the stock application on my G1.  Would I like more functionality? You bet.   But honestly, I’m not looking for something that’s super high tech or glossy because, let’s face it, I’m sleeping through the app the entire time I use it.

Along comes an application called One Nightstand that seems to fit the bill. Aside from your traditional alarm clock function, there are a couple features that I could find handy including upcoming calendar events and current weather.  Brightness and color can be configured by the user depending on preference.  There’s also a great “Let Me Sleep!” function that simply shuts off ringers, system sounds, and notifications for a set period of time.

One Nightstand is offered in both free and paid versions.  The difference between the two is that the “Let Me Sleep!” option is limited to 1 hour whereas the paid (99¢) version let users configure 1-8 hr intervals as well as the 12hr “hibernation” mode.  Once your countdown reaches its end, volumes go back to where they were prior to your trip to La La Land.

While this might not the prettiest looking application you’ll own, it could be one you use more often than others.   I don’t need a shiny or polished looking alarm clock but that’s not to say you don’t. I’d love to hear what you’re using for an alarm application. Please consider leaving a comment and sharing your thoughts below.

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