Nintendo plans to join the ranks of Android manufacturers

According to a report from news website Kotaku, Nintendo intends to join the Android world by either creating a new mobile device or powering their next generation console with Google’s most popular software in Android.  The codename for this unconfirmed project is NX and will supposedly be a “surprise” to the world.

With confirmed reports that Nintendo intends to have Android apps available by 2017, we can assume this rumor has some legitimacy.  As a former gamer, I always saw Nintendo as a console for kids, families, and for “casual” gamers.  The X-Box and Playstation, in my mind, exist for the more hard-core gamers and do not necessarily compete with Nintendo.  As iOS and Android expanded all over the world, Nintendo started to struggle as both platforms offered much more variety and cheaper games for the casual gamers.  Nintendo also struggled because they thought their product was good enough to survive on its own and their latest platform, the Wii U was highly limited in compatibility.

Rather than compete with Microsoft and Sony by building a high-end hardware gaming platform, which has never been Nintendo’s style, they will be joining the mobile world with a hardware device of their own running Android.   This should help Nintendo as Google already has a huge app store and should make the next console much more versatile.

If we see Nintendo produce an Android powered next generation home console, or an Android powered mobile device, all Android users are winners as Nintendo has offered some of the most popular games in history.  They may not be leaders in building hardware anymore, but Nintendo has always been a leader in developing games that span generations.  Come 2017, hopefully we will be playing the Legend of Zelda or Super Smash Brothers on our Android devices.

The rumor has not been confirmed by Nintendo.

Via – Kotaku

Source – Nikkei

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