Like millions others, I’ve been a happy Spotify Premium member for some time now, and have been very satisfied with the music abilities it provides. High quality sound, downloading music for offline playback, and no ads made this service an easy choice for me. It was only until Google made the announcement that they were launch a family plan for Google Play Music that I had doubts of being a Spotify premium member for much longer. Of course, this isn’t because I’m in any way dissatisifed with Spotify, it’s just how enticing Google’s new offer is.

The timing made all the difference too. Half of my family used Beats Music thanks to a deal offered by AT&T a while back, but when Apple announced they’d be shutting down Beats Music to integrate its resources into Apple Music, they needed a better family alternative. When I mentioned to them that a six device family subscription to Play Music comes with YouTube Red, a package that gets rid of ads and allows audio playback when your device is off, it was obvious what they did next.

While offering a family plan for $14.99 is very similar to other music services, Google’s inclusion of YouTube Red is a great deal for us, and if marketed right, will attract a lot of new subscribers. Getting rid of the two things that YouTube users hate on mobile devices (ads and no sleep mode playback) is truly the cherry on top for their family plan.

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So my question is, are there any of you in a similar situation? Spotify clearly understands the situation and competition this holiday season, as they are offering three months of premium service for an extremely low price of 99 cents. Another great deal being offered by them until the end of December is a $9.99 family plan for the first three months. Which music service appeals to you most this holiday season? Will it be Google’s new intriguing family package, Spotify’s crazy low prices, the new Apple Music service, or maybe the ad-free Pandora One? Let us know what you’re listening to in the comments!

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  1. Switched immediately, started a plan with myself and 5 of my best friends. YouTube Red and Google Play Music for $2.50 a month each? Easiest decision ever.

  2. Been using Play Music since beta. Now looking for family members (that I like) to share the services with.

  3. I still don’t see the option to switch. I’ve gone into MUSIC SETTINGS, and Refreshed and still no option to change. Any suggestions?

    • Solution: If you are in YouTube RED, you can’t go to Google Music Family plan directly, even if it does include YouTube Red…you have to call Google Directly, cancel red and bam, option shows up…

  4. Been a Play Music subscriber for several months now, but signed up for the family plan today. My wife has taken to listening to music on my account occasionally at work which, of course, can interrupt my own playback. So this was a no-brainer.

    I enjoyed ad-free YouTube and sleep-mode playback for a short time as a beta-tester of the service and I loved it. But that’s been removed now, and so I simply have to wait for YouTube Red to launch in the UK.

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