NVIDIA CEO: Tegra 3 tablets will run $300 in “couple quarters”


Call it the Kindle Fire effect, but it won’t be long before powerful, cutting-edge Android tablets see their prices plummet. We’ve yet to see a Tegra 3 device arrive on the market however we can look forward to them getting significantly cheaper over the next “couple” of quarters.  The news comes directly from  NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who recently spoke with tech journalists late last week.

Considering that today’s top Android tablets run around $500 for 10.1-inch models we are anxious to see prices come down by around 40 percent or more.  As a reminder, the first Tegra 3 device is set to debut in the coming days as the Transformer Prime arrives.  Could you wait another six months or so to get a quad-core tablet at about half the cost?