oCharger is a campaign currently on IndieGoGo asking for $25,000 to build an all-in-one charging solution for your smartphone of choice. Whether you use an Apple device, an Android phone or one of Google’s new Nexus line sporting a Type C USB port, oCharger has a solution for you. Its list of features is ambitious, to say the least:

  • Retractable, 2.5’ Micro-USB Cable and full-size, reversible Type A USB.
  • Optional Lightning or Type C Adapter.
  • Expandable Storage (16 or 32gb included)
  • Backup Battery: 2000mAh (or 5000mAh stretch goal)
  • Priority Charging: Charges your phone first, backup battery second.
  • Fast Charge: Turns off the data portion of the cable to boost charging speed.
  • Optional Wireless Charging: Qi or Apple Watch, with Solar (!) as a stretch goal.


The oCharger is set for a Summer ‘16 launch, which is a pretty quick turnaround as far as crowdsourced hardware goes.

We sat down (figuratively speaking) with Calvin Na, inventor of the oCharger:

AG: Who are you, and what do you do?
CN: My name is Calvin Na, and I am an entrepreneur in Los Angeles. I own a small startup company, developing an All-in-One Wireless Charger for smartphones.
AG: What was your biggest inspiration in development?
CN: My biggest inspiration in development was my own need and desire for an all-in-one wireless charger that combines battery, cable, and storage memory. I wanted to create a device that is ultra-portable, multi-functional, and all-in-one to satisfy all my charging needs and more.
AG: What sets you apart from your competitors?
CN: My product, oCharger, is the first and the only device in the market that can charge two different devices wirelessly & wired on the go. For instance, oCharger can charge your smartwatch wirelessly and smartphone via a full-size cable, delivering 2x faster charging. Another feature oCharger offers is a memory card slot that works as a portable hard drive for your computer and your smart devices. The most impressive aspect of oCharger is that it achieves all these different functions (battery, cable, memory, & wireless charger) in an ultra-compact size.
AG: Personal favorite quote?
CN: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas Edison
AG: Any advice for aspiring developers?
CN: Never Ever Give Up! If you feel like you have failed, get back up and try again. You have not failed until you quit trying.
AG: Anything else you’d like to add?
CN: Personally, I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and a lot of my aspiration comes from his view of how he perceives the world. For example, Steve talks about how if you poke life, something comes out and how everything one knows about life is made up by people who are no smarter than you. So what I would like to add is that I not only came up with this product to simplify our everyday usage of our smartphones but to make a small dent for the better future. I would hope that this is only a start of my chapter in life to keep developing new/better tech gadgets.
Everyday charging cable with Battery

There you have it, straight from the man himself. For what it’s worth, oCharger has at least one backer in this writer; I love portable charging solutions, and this figures to be one of the more impressive ones on the market – or if nothing else, one of the most innovative and versatile.

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