OnePlus 2 reservations surpasses the two million milestone

The reservation list is a new addition for the OnePlus 2 and is a way for prospective owners of the device to put their name down on a list in an attempt to ‘reserve’ any leftover invites. This list just surpassed the two million mark!

If your name is on the list, invites will begin to be sent out, according to OnePlus, on August 11 for the United States and Europe. Just because your name is on the list, doesn’t mean you’ll get an invite and it’s unclear just what being close to the top of the list will mean or how two million reservations will convert into sales.

Many have already decided to boycott the 2016 flagship killer given the controversy surrounding OnePlus and also the feature omissions the device many feel have already compromised the OnePlus 2 even before it’s released.

The 64GB version of the OnePlus 2 will cost $389, however, the 16GB model will not be available right away, but it will cost consumers $329. Where are you on the reservation list?