OnePlus 3 vs. ZTE Axon 7

Only a couple times a year do we get a fantastic rivalry of two very tempting smartphones going head-to-head for our business. Earlier this year we had the Galaxy S7 and the G5 announced on the same day, which you can find the respective reviews here (S7) and here (G5). Now, we have two very similar phones attempting to do very similar things, at a cheaper price. Welcome to the OnePlus 3 versus the ZTE Axon 7 spec smackdown.



So, let’s take a look here. These two phones cost $399 and offer similar hardware with a few key differences that puts one over the other. While it won’t be another couple weeks until I get my hands on the Axon 7, there are some things we can certainly predict to be true.

The Axon 7’s display sports a higher resolution QHD AMOLED display that will surely crush the same-sized 1080p AMOLED screen from the OnePlus 3 with a much higher pixel density.

Another noticeable difference is the memory options. ZTE will offer a higher 128GB of internal storage with 6GB RAM for a higher price, however the OnePlus 3 already offers 6GB RAM for their only model.

I was definitely a fan of the 3’s camera, but I’m not sure yet which camera will triumph here. ZTE will offer a higher megapixel count than the OnePlus 3, however there’s more involved with taking a good photo, including aperture, software optimization, and post-processing.

Battery life should be better on the Axon 7, however we’ll have to see if the higher resolution screen plays nice with the phone’s daily endurance.

The audio of the Axon 7 is a big selling point, and will absolutely beat the OnePlus 3. The phone will include Dolby Atmos + Dolby Digital Plus (7+1 Surround Sound), played through dual-front facing speakers that we all crave to have.

Overall, when looking at what ZTE offers for the same price, the Axon 7 bests the OnePlus 3 in the hardware department. However as we’ve stated in our review, the software on the OnePlus 3 is almost the same if not better than stock Android, so the Axon 7’s software skin will be heavily involved in determining the success of this phone.

Stayed tuned for a review of the Axon 7 as ZTE will start shipping the device on July 27th. But in the meantime, which of these two powerful, yet affordable phones are you leaning towards?

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