OnStar and Chevy Gives Android Users Mobile Control of Volt

One of the cooler software announcements to already come out of CES 2010 is from Chevy and OnStar regarding the upcoming 2011 Chevy Volt, their all electric vehicle.  The new Android-based application gives Volt owners added control over their vehicles with options like monitoring charging status, unlocking doors, and more.   There have been rumors for some time that these types of applications would be coming but now those rumors have been confirmed with their unveiling at CES 2010. 

Aside from Android, the app is being released for the Blackberry and iPhone platforms.  With the app, an Android user will be able to monitor the car’s charging status, delay said status until electric rates lower, and even be able to unlock the doors, beep the horn and start the vehicle up.  Users will also be able to access driving stats on their handsets as well.

Notice that we mentioned that OnStar was part of this deal?  Well, that would probably lead you to assume that you must be an OnStar member to use this app, and you would be correct.  So there is certainly a thought process there if you want that membership.  Most dealerships give new car buyers a trial membership which of course pushes over to a full membership after the trial expires.

Still, pretty cool tech, I can see myself converting the vehicle to look like the batmobile and doing sweet things with my Android handset.  How long until we can drive our cars through our Android powered phones?