Opera’s free VPN service comes to Android

Operas “unlimited” VPN service is now out for Android! Opera Free VPN, which was released for iOS earlier this year, will allow you to remain anonymous while browsing the web and using apps. You can also use this app to access region-locked content by spoofing your location. While spoofing your location, you can choose to use servers from US, Canada, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands.

Opera VPN for Android

In addition to IP spoofing, Opera’s VPN also comes included with a Wi-Fi testing tool. This tool attempts to make your browsing experience more secure by scanning the network you are currently using. If it detects weaknesses such as your IP or location is exposed, or if the network allows others to grab information of connected devices, the tool will alert the user and list all of these weaknesses in a report.

Opera has included a ton of functionality for a free application. You might expect to see these kinds of features in expensive VPN apps, but Opera has included them at no charge. All of this free content quickly causes some users to question Opera’s business model. To its credit, Opera has been transparent about the issue and states that it will display some ads and collecting anonymous data on users. Some of the data they will be collecting will be things like web addresses visited, device type, browser type, and OS type.

Opera brings an impressive package to the table and it’s nice to see it finally available on Android. If you’d like to download Opera, check out the Play Store listing.

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