Three months ago, PaGamO launched as a solution to help make learning a more rewarding experience for kids. While still effective, traditional homework just doesn’t capture the imagination today’s youth (not that it ever did in the first place). Who can really blame them? Even children as young as elementary age own some sort of device, and that’s why BoniO Inc. created PaGamO, to make life easier for teachers, parents, and students.

PAgamoToday, BoniO Inc. is pleased to announce the release of PaGamO for Android so the learning can continue even though school is out. With any luck, kids will have so much fun with the app they won’t even notice they are learning.

PaGamO uses elements of games like Risk and Settlers of Catan to create a fun learning environment that allows students to be quizzed on any subject. With PaGamO, teachers can create different types of assignments that can be assigned to different groups of students with user created questions or PaGamO’s own bank of questions.

Students can join a class after receiving a code from their teacher and then compete by answering questions and solving quizzes that in turn allow them to build their kingdom of knowledge, wealth, and land. The game offers Common Core content, but also has a plethora of knowledge that covers topics from science, to pop culture, and more. It should be noted kids don’t need a class code to play.

“What’s really unique and fun about PaGamO is that you can truly learn about anything in the game,” PaGamO founder Professor Benson Yeh explains. “Of course, you can learn academic subjects on different levels, but you can also answer questions on current events or outer space. This unique feature makes the game as fun and useful for a six-year-old as it is for a 16-year-old or 60-year-old. Children, parents and grandparents alike — we all love to play!”

This is a great tool to keep your kids busy and learning on through the summer. You can pick up PaGamO in the Play Store for free. For more information as a teacher or parent go to PaGamo’s site.

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  1. This kind of “review” is what will drive people away from AndroidGuys when they see through it.

  2. Really, guys? The thing asks for weird permissions like handling and seeing my photos and is not even in english, but Japanese or something.
    Do you really try what you review?

  3. Anything that is a review is labeled as such. This is not a review, just announcement.

  4. I love this game! Both of my sons are hooked on it, and it is educational and their teacher gets to upload all of their homework onto this?? That is really awesome. I was surprised to see negative feedback as most of their class uses this, and I know all the kids are raving about it

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