Paranoid Android’s HALO10 hits First Public Beta

If you’re like me and you actually tried all of the new features Facebook released a few weeks ago with the launch of Facebook Home, you probably became familiar with “chat heads” from the updated Facebook Messenger app. If, like myself, you were a huge fan of that feature, you are going to love the new HALO style notifications which have recently been added to the ever-growing list of new and innovative features in the Paranoid Android ROMs.

If you aren’t familiar with Paranoid, it is the ROM which paved the way in adding hybrid properties to your smartphone giving it options to imitate the look and feel of a tablet or phablet.

Halo notification was developed to supplement “Pie mode” (which gives you more screen real-estate by removing your notification and navigation bar from the screen) and applies the same basic concept we love from chat heads to every notification and application on your system. Placing a small movable circle on the side of your display from which you can access any application with a notification, or even pin apps which do not have a dedicated notification. When you tap the halo, the selected app will open in a floating window on top of whatever you’re doing at the time, thus not losing your place in Angry Birds just to answer a text message, switch the song on Play Music, glance at an email, or pretty much anything for which you would normally have to switch apps.

They announced the first public beta on their Google+ account the morning of June 6th;

HALO10, first public BETA

This is one of the last few releases before source goes out. Hopefully this weekend.

Basically HALO has been rewritten from scratch to fight against the occasional jank. It should be WAY smoother now, except under heavy load (multitask apps starting up).

New gestures to dimiss notifications or hide HALO on the spot.

Apps going back home or refusing to open up in floating state should be fixed once and for all. HALO officially should work for each and every app on your system.

+Francisco Franco wants to add this:
“There have been changes on the Nexus 4 Kernel stack that manage the GSM signal for relability. Also take note that a bunch of carriers had problems in the last 1/2 weeks which also have been compromising some of you, so not everything could’ve been caused by software. Also we recommend you to upgrade to the latest .54 radio.” Link:

I just uploaded mine (MAKO), i can’t say when others will follow.



You can check out the actual post in context here

If this is something you’d be interested in checking out and you have a Nexus device, head over to their website

However if the beta builds aren’t available there yet, I’m sure you know your way around the XDA forums.

As of right now, I believe that the core Paranoid team only officially supports the Nexus devices, but there are devs hard at work bringing the PA ROMs to other popular devices as well. As for the build I’m running on my T-Mobile Galaxy S III, I must say; XDA senior members OGWisdom and ayysir have done a wonderful job building it and getting nearly everything working perfectly.

Check out the video of an older version Halo in action after the break

What you’ll likely see in the public release will be a bit more polished and easier to use with a few more features, (mentioned in the quote above) but this should give you a good idea of what you’ll can expect.

Any Paranoid Fans out there looking forward to Halo? Anyone already using it? Any of you planning on checking it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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