Picture of Asus TF300T leaks, Transformer Prime successor?

Asus hasn’t even got rid of all the bugs in the Transformer Prime and yet there’s another Transformer on the way bearing the codename TF300T. Given the fact that the Tranformer Prime is still quite new and it would be unwise to release yet another Android tablet this soon, this device is probably running Windows 8 although there’s no sign of the obligatory Windows button on the front. Of course it’s possible that the TF300T runs Android – it’s just highly unlikely – but we wanted to let you know about this one anyway.

Also interesting is the ‘T’ in the codename. Asus announced a HD version of the ‘old’ Transformer Prime, dubbed TF201T, at CES 2012, which leaves me with the belief that this leaked device is running at a resolution of 1200*1920 as well.

Source: Engadget

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