puzzle_piecesWe got an email from a reader yesterday, directing us to a post made originally on the TmoNews Forums*.  It’s from a guy who purports that he may or may not be working with with an HTC Whitestone device running Android.  He also claims to have recorded a 9 minute video clip of  said device and likes it better than the G1 and HTC Magic.

Further, the post alleges that in addition to the HTC Hero, the Memphis will also be an Android handset.  Is he right?  Well, here’s something that says he might not be wrong.  A few weeks after the HTC ’09 lineup was leaked, Gizmodo hears that Android phones have chins for their personality.

I’m not saying for sure, but it sounds like maybe HTC plans to make all of their Android phones with similar form factor.  If that’s the case, then perhaps the Hero, Memphis,  and Sapphire/G2/Magic might all be Android.  Speaking of Sapphire, does anyone else think that the 1.5 and 2.0 versions might be Cupcake and G2’s in their respective forms?

The tipster who sent along the email to us thinks that the Whitestone might be the first HTC phone to be using the Tegra chipset.  As much as I’d like to believe so, there’s nothing to back this yet.  The closest thing we have to go by is the forum post which says, “ I have very good reason to believe that the WHITESTONE will be the 1st Android phone to run w/ Flash installed.”  Even that doesn’t say anything in the way of Tegra.

The Whitestone does seem like the kind of form factor that would do well with the Tegra chip.  It’s more tablet and MID, less phone.  It would make sense to me to see HTC put out a strong multimedia device using new-ish NVIDIA chip.

We just heard the other day that HTC plans “at least three handsets” with Android this year.  If the lineup was leaked, in January then can we assume that the other handsets are there?

I don’t have the link to the TmoNews thread, but would love to see followup comments/posts.  Anyone know where it is?

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  1. Ah yeah, I remember this thread from a few weeks ago (can't dig it up now.) There was a discussion between two alleged "insiders", one claiming the Whitestone would run Android, and another claiming that it was an as-yet-unseen handset. I think they settled on the Hero and Memphis definitely being Android with the Whitestone and unknown handset up in the air. If the Whitestone is priced well I may get it, all I would use my Android handset for would be internet Wi-Fi browsing anyways.

  2. that same poster in the tmonews forums "tmojoe" also said that the market was failing and that there wouldnt be paid apps until the g2 was out, which was proved wrong, actually alot of stuff he said got proved wrong, i mean if i had a android htc whitestone i would just make a fake forum name and leak the info to the dying to hear android fan boys (like myself) and tech blogs. but it will never happen, or at least im gonna go ahead and say that it will never happen.. i dont buy the hysteria until i see some hard facts

  3. Well the tipster also said that the Whitestone has been tested with Windows Mobile, so either they don't know what to do with it, or there will be both an Android and Windows Mobile version of the Whitestone. To back this up, an HTC document was leaked yesterday showing at least 7 new HTC phones (including an HTC Superstar, HTC Star). The Superstar WILL be the first Tegra phone from HTC, but it will run Windows Mobile. On the other hand, the Whitestone (which distinctively has #W written beside it, could that mean "the windows mobile version"?) is listed to have a Qualcomm 7600 528 Mhz processor. Whereas an HTC "Thoth" will have the new 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. All the leaked phones will run Windows Mobile, however only the Whitestone, Chief, and Rhodium have a "#w" beside their name, suggesting maybe there's an Android version of them… The newly leaked entire document can be found here: ” target=”_blank”>http://solsie.com/2009/03/htc-superstar-first-htc… But yeah, the Memphis definitely looks like an Android phone, even though I am disappointed by the dead space and small screen (look really hard, you'll see the actual space occupied by the screen)…

  4. I'm getting REALLY tired of the "HTC will release 2 or 3 more android handsets this year" thread. Slow news day? We knew that back in January. Yet, every Android Gossip Rag has been going on and on for the last few weeks about how there's some revelation or speculation about what these handsets might be… as if all of you gossip columnists have received massive blows to the head leaving you with amnesia of the month of January. There was a series of pictures of the HTC 2009 line up leaked back then, where we first saw the Sapphire, the Rhodium, Tungsten, etc. There were 3 devices (3 variants of the Sapphire/Magic/G2, 1 of the Hero, 1 of the Memphis) that were in the Android section. ” target=”_blank”>http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=2373 So, please, (you and all of the other gossip rag writers) quit rehashing the same old crap. We know HTC is releasing 3 Android models this year (Magic, Hero, Memphis). Don't mention this fact again, it's old news, and only serves to show how little YOU have to write about. Let us know when you have something real. Like information about the specific capabilities of each device, specific carriers for each device (other than the Sapphire/Magic/G2 going to Vodaphone, Docomo, or T-Mobile, since already know those ones), or release dates for each device.

  5. Slow day for johnkzin too. Doing his part to rid the world of "Android gossip." That lineup you referred to does not specifically call out Android phones, maybe you saw something different. HTC only said something this week about "At least three" bro. Be sure to pay the toll to the troll, folks.

  6. @ johnkzin 1) This is the first leak to confidently mention that the Whitestone is running Android. This is new information. 2) This is the first leak to say the Memphis IS an Android phone (before that, pure specualtion) 3) In case you haven't noticed, when the HTC lineup was leaked in January, we did not know Tegra would support Android. Maybe you should jump over to Engadget where they are writing about a cheap Blackberry storm accessory, a razor/phone, and the third wireless mouse they reviewed in 24 hours. This is how blogs work, and this is why people refresh their pages all day long. If you exclusively want official announcements, you won't find a single tech blog that only does that. So beat it.

  7. You mean like the text in the article that specifically says "the devices below are Android devices". If I saw something different, it's because you didn't read.

  8. Okay, Hotshot. Since you know so much, why don't you list the things i have said that have been proven right? For the record, YES I HAVE A 9 MINUTE VIDEO. NO, it will now be released to TmoNews.com any longer. A guy can only take so much sarcasm from users on a second rate site. The video will be released, and i'm sure tmonews will put a link, but another site gets it first.

  9. believe it when i see it.. what Rc is the white stone running on? becuase its obviously not a tmobile rc and the deffiantly has to be unlocked.. does it support tmobile 3g? does it have root access? i mean if you cant show the device then tell us all the details, or create a fack profile name and leak the info, pardon me for being a non believer but i have never been easily sold on anything, as for your credability, when i get to my pc i will review and find your mishaps and winners but really i dont have time for that, i just dunno why any one would have info and not give at least details about it, if anything all your doing is building hype for HTC, and unless you signed an NDA, which is probably not the case as generally oems will only give beta devices to employees and from your tmonews post u dont work there , you own your own business.. also tell me this, does this magical device you possess renew your android interest because you have previously posted a goodbye g1 post in which you said you knew for a fact that google had lost interst in android and that paid apps wont be coming at least til the g2 came out. so is this flash enabled HTC android whitestone wonderkind gonna sweep people off there feet or leave this sad and disappointed and writing im sorry goodbye letters… not to say your wrong or lying but just im skeptical and i am not so hung up on believing anything and everything thats android related without one trace of fact, sorry its just not in my blood to believe mindlessly.. however i do want to believe, i mean if we had the whitestone running android i would purchase it in a heasrt beat. your insults to tmonews are fine with me and it doesnt hurt my feelings even tho i love tmonews and im sure they wont be too sad that you wont leak there info to them first, they do pretty well on there own.. but listen, if your gonna leak it then i would do it soon because its not a leak if the device is already out, na mean… Prove me wrong, I'm sure the whole community is begging for you to… I want to be proven wrong

  10. Well TmoJoe, it's great having you here… I didn't expect it. Well I believe you've seen/held/videotaped the device. But what I don't understand is why you won't show it. There are might MANY ways to show a device without sacrificing ur ID (AND u clearly haven't signed an NDA)…. Also, the leaked HTC document says the Whitestone has a Qualcomm 528 Mhz processor in it. What's so "awesome" about the phone then? All Android phones we've seen basically have the same software, so wouldn't the Whitestone be offering the same G1 package, only with a bigger hi-res screen and no keyboard? So please, I would really like to understand what makes Android on the Whitestone so good (coz if it doesn't have Tegra, what's special then?)

  11. Most of what is done and posted on AndroidGuys is to help build interest in the platform by opening up channels for discussion. A lot of the articles published directly ask readers to chime in with opinion and/or thoughts. This certainly seems to be the case here and I'm glad to see people so passionate! The article does not come as a result of a slow news day. Rather, many people are not as "in the loop" as others and this was meant to serve as a refresher or intro to new Android fans. It would be safe to assume that there are people who missed out on the January news, possibly even handset rumors earlier this week. It was our hope that Robot Pete's piece was something to tie a few ends together and let readers draw their own conclusions. Thanks for all of the feedback and commenting so far. I hope to see it continue! Let's remember to play nice and not get too carried away.

  12. This a Tmojoe post thats is 100 percent fact as he stated…. how much of it came to fruit? not much if any… this is from back in september, direct quote from tmonews "Alrighty. I have what is 100% fact – and confirmed by not 1, but 4 separate sources throughout today and this evening. I'm sure there will be doubters, and thats okay, until it is officially announced, there should be doubts (that would be you KNOX !!! LOL) jk However, I wouldn't put this out there if i didn't have 10000% faith in my sources. Here It Is: 1 The T-Mobile Dream will be the name, and yes – the video from earlier today is the release version. The Phone will be in our hands by October 1st. 2. The 2 never-before-seen features are a. a dedicated youtube button on the phone. b. the bar-code thing.-no surprise there. 3. There will not likely be a pre-sale before the 23rd (also no surprise) however the phone could be released at anytime between the 23rd and Oct 1. It will be available for pre-order for existing customers for 5 days – no more, no less- before general release, which puts it at roughly the 26th for pre-sale. 4. You cannot order it online – you will have to call in and ask for it. I was told to start checking on the 23rd, but it really wouldn't likely be avail until the 26th. 5. There will be NO INCREASE in the data plan as of now. it could change later if the usage gets too heavy for the network and upgrades are needed. 6. Get ready for this….(edit: this info contradicts the info DarkJedi Has, so please consider this part a rumor for now) The 2nd phone is not htc…….its not samsung…….. its being made by **********Sony Ericsson********** It will be all touch, and will be cheaper than the Dream. It will be a mid level device, designed for people who want the technology, but not the cost. It will be all touchscreen. Also, they are working on a new multi platform which will allow the use of Symbian, Winmo, android, or ALL of them on the same phone…..Multi Boot Capable. There is still a google branded device in the works, but due to the overwhelming presence Google has, it will not be released for quite a while, and so as to not engage in totally unfair competition, it will be internet only (as i stated last week). Oh, And One More Thing………God Bless America….And Taiwan….And Canada too (they're some real nice peoples in Canada – specifically in Halifax Nova Scotia Wink ) Eagles lost a tough, hard fought battle this week. It should be WAY easier against the Steelers on Sunday : 17 -10 Birds !" 1. partly correct partly wrong… as everyone knew it as the dream but it was actually called the G1 and Released October 22nd 2. I guess he is correct there… 3.wrong. was available for preorder for a whole month and was only announced on the 23 ( this quote was made after the press release for the 23rd was announced) 4. wrong again.. i ordered mine online and actually it was the only way to preorder 5.wrong again.. g1 had its own data price and cant be used with any other.. my shadow internet was 19.99 6.Wrong as the second phone is the HTC Magic… this proves that the source of all these rumors has been wrong before and even tho they said they said it was 100 percent confirmed, not much came to be… so im not picking on tmojoe but people dont need to believe everything they hear.. and like i said i want to be proven wrong and want to be made to look like an idiot , ill be an idiot if i knew i can get the android OS on the whitestone in the coming months.

  13. u really dont know when to shut up do u? Because of a**holes like you TmoNews is losing nice and well informed people like TmoJoe. and as for some of the above things being incorrect, SO WHAT!? no one is perfect. things can change in the mobile world extremely quick. and just to let u know, there is no evidence in the Magic being the 2nd android phone on T-Mobile. i suggest u either apologize to TmoJoe or just not post at all.

  14. TmoJoe, plesae dont do that! You know there will always be haters. But in this case, the lovers are A LOT more than the haters. im sure gang at TmoNews have been waiting for an exclusive like this! Dont listen to those bastards. You are one hell of a person and those you matter LOVE YOU!! TmoNews loves you!! I hope you change your mind and if not, you still have my blessing!

  15. Don't forget he didn't say the Whitestone is an Android device, he said he's seen it with Android, and that they are also testing it with Windows Mobile. That's what he said (the leaked htc document yesterday lists Whitestone (#w) as a Windows Mobile device)

  16. first off you can read my post on tmonews, i never insulted or even called out tmojoe on tmonews, so his discontent with tmonews must have came from some one else.. armo you sound pathetic, like tmojoe is the new jesus or something, sorru i didnt mean to disrupt any man love going on… the fact is i want to be proven wrong, and i want to see his video and i dont care if he leaks it to teen vogue magazine as long as it gets leaked, … tmojoe is the same guys who offered a good a mount of money for pics and info on the g1, and now when the tables are turned he is either hoisting precious info or starting up witch hunts that never amount to nothing… i just read through 28 pages of tmojoe forum talk and there is a lot of stuff he said was right and got wrong… I'm not saying he is wrong now but rather saying I myself would need to see proof before buying into it… armo, also thanks for you kind words… you sound like a 14 year old defending his daddy, did I interupt a family moment? A cuddle session perhaps?

  17. and u say i sound pathetic?? if i didnt see a reason to give TmoJoe the appreciation he deserves i wouldnt. and i highly doubt u read through all 28 pages in like 20 pages so dont BS. and your insults mean nothing. you can say what you want, it doesnt affect me. and since u are such a TmoNews fan, im sure u have known who i am and should know i dont do well with insults so please, for us both to stay out of conflict, drop the insults. it especially pisses me off when someone brings religion into an insult. oh and i already know you're wrong. as for Joe being wrong a few times, OH WELL! even Darkjedi has been wrong a few times. SO WHAT!? like i said, you REALLY do not know when to just stfu.

  18. @ Justin: I'd love to see the quotes you are referring to.Really. So lets get this straightened out for the rest of you who CAN read and comprehend. I NEVER said that I was carrying the Whitestone. I said that I have very good reason to believe……. 2ndly, I would love to, 'Spill The Beans", as it has been asked; however since I do not work for HTC, TMobile, or Google and my source does, I will do as I was asked and release the video and pics when it will not cause potential for job loss for the person who has generously provided me with devices and advanced 'info' for a long time. For you , Justin, I feel the need to define this behavior: It is called Loyalty, and Friendship….something which appears not to have value to you, but is very important to me. The video will be released, as promised, when i am safely able to do so. It will be released on a very well funded blog. A new and exciting blog, with properly moderated forums, and proper source checking for any leaks. This blog will allow some features not currently enjoyed by many others….The users will be able to have input, create their own 'chat rooms' which will last for 30 days at a time, and we will have weekly 'Guest Appearances' from people in the wireless community – with q & a sessions. Oh, and proper grammar by the mods and admins will be used. Those of you already involved, you know how exciting this will be for the blogging community.

  19. hmmm…. thanks TmoJoe.. Well my excitement faded a bit after seeing you don't seem to be holding the Whitestone… as it was the most exciting one of the leaked HTC lineup. The memphis is bulky, very rounded, with a small screen for a device this size…. hmmm… The only ones I could get excited about would be the IAC S2 (tegra android), the Yulong N8, and the HTC Superstar/Star…. Waiting for your video… hope its released in the proper circumstances as you said. As for you previously being wrong, I think it's childish for someone to go through leaks that were clearly not as "solid/material" as your current leak-to-be. Release dates, pricings, and plans could all change in a second. Even software updates could change in a second. So I don't think your current leak-to-be can compare to those previous issues.

  20. Ok But you are carrying a new non HTC MAGIC phone that is running Android that is "awesome" correct? becuase on your post on tmonews your 38,34 and 36 numbered post to be exact,you said that you were carrying that device as your main device.. so did they make you give it up. or is the Whitestone a different phone than you were carrying and do you still have the android device thats not the G1 or the Magic in your possession? cause now im confused… so we now know that there are at least four version of android HTC phones… the g1, the magic, the whitestone (according to you they were testing both winmo and android but you know for FACT that android was being run on it) and the one thats in your pocket and your using as a everyday device or at least was from Feb 20th to feb 24th ( of which since you never mentioned you had to give it back ill assume that you still have it….Actually after reading more he had the device at march 5th according to his hints playing the android game means sorting through alot of bullSh*t, so if i offended anyone by taking on that role, sorry.. So tmojoe, im more interested in the Phone you have in your pocket and not the whitestone… please explain the difference.. and maybe some specs Roms, RC's and all that good stuff, is it unlocked?

  21. While I must say 'rumors' are just rumors, not everything anyone says can always be right. You cant even say that anyone has a perfect source. Myself, I work for a company that designs and implements things for a few major car companies. Not all the ideas go through the entire design process, and in fact some seem to get scrapped even though the design and mechanic process was approved 100% from our companies end. So to see a new car come out without the feature we designed for them, well it happens. So really, I dont talk about what our company is doing now, because it surely doesnt mean it will happen in the future. Sure, maybe everything TmoJoe says doesnt prove to come true, but there are points of validation as well. Come on, even the president got hung up on using the Retard word (describing his bowling), that I found funny and the Special Olympics got pissed about…. sadly, you cant please all the people all the time. Myself (on the phone business), I listen to rumors, but I really dont "LISTEN" to them until I know its truly coming out. The tech end is what is really important, bottom line. Once the phone comes out, is when I will really let my opinion known, but until then……

  22. To put it plainly, if i wanted you to know (or was able to tell you about the handset(s) in my pocket(s) i would have, Loyalty and trust go along way these days; especially in an industry not known for having either. The loyalty and trust policies I adhere to ARE WHY MY SOURCES GIVE ME INFO IN THE FIRST PLACE! While I will 'out' several new devices in time, i flat out will not do it if it is going to damage my reputation among sources, or damage the sources themselves. ANY responsible blogger/journalist will usually tell you that they are nothing without their sources. While I admire your profound gift of pushiness Justin, I at the same time am growing weary of it. Question: Do you think you are helping tmonews.com by out and out crying like a baby here, or are you merely driving more traffic to androidguys.com? If anything you are very much the typical tmonews reader whose actions make them just shy of the greatness that they can actually become with a bit more maturity by both the mods/admins and the other readers.

  23. Tarex, Things do change rapidly, and while i'll admit that a few things I have presented have not come full circle, better than 80% of my 'leaks' as you call them have been dead on. And a good bit of the others have been reasonably close to what has actually occurred. So you know, I didn't say I wasn't carrying the Whitestone, and I did'nt say I was. I do know that if you want to believe that it is the Whitestone, you will. The point is very basic: Many things can be open to many different interpretations. If you really, really read between the lines in most of my posts, there is usually a message to be had. I myself am not much for childish games. All of the phones you mentioned above seem to be great phones. I have handled 1 of them, as well as one mentioned in these comments, but mentioned at MWC last month. Great phones are all around us and it is an exciting time to be a mobile fan! I will tell you one thing, though. The Flyers had a great game tonight. I enjoyed it, but I really dont think we have the defense to make a deep run in the playoffs. We just got our superstar Danny Brierre back and he is helping to make up for the defense by producing more offense….time will tell.

  24. Alright… so you said it's an HTC, it's running Android, and it's awesome. It can't be running Tegra as the IAC S2 and Yulong N8 are the two tegra androids (which unfortunately have a very cheap look to them), what's so "awesome" about it, if it's not a Tegra? I'm not asking you for information that would fire anyone, but rather more insight on the impression you've developed from having this phone.

  25. Well Tmojoe, what do you make it seem like a all-or-none leak? Is it either you post a full 9-min video detailing everything, or just not say anything at all? It never was this way with tech blogging, and for the same reason you are mentioning: Bloggers like to maintain the trust of their sources. So, maybe you can provide some insight on your impressions on this phone, its usability and what makes this Android phone in particular exceptional, in your point of view.

  26. Fair enough, Tarex. One device in my possession is very unique in that 1. It is to be made by HTC, but will carry niether carrier branding or HTC BRANDING. 2. It is sporting a magnicent set of processors- 1 for video only. 3. The UI is absolutely 100% as smooth or smoother than the Iphone. Obviously, with improved ui and faster graphics processing, the apps that can be developed will be stepped up a notch.. Battery life exceeds that of my iphone and my diamond. Physical keyboard is present, video out, 3.5 mm headphone jack as well, although that may change. Picture a cross between a Beholds camera, an Iphones functionailty and physical attractiveness, and Android openness. Now you have my phone.

  27. Thank you, so we're talking about: – A low-power ultra-capable processor with a UI smoother yet more demanding than the iPhone's. – A dedicated video processor is included. You are holding a Tegra phone, no doubt. Snapdragons aren't friendly to power consumption, and Qualcomm has not developed a UI for it. Great. Thanks for the physical keyboard bit. I needed to know that. Thanks and I am definitely looking forward to screenshot/video/blurrycam leak, and certainly hope we're not talking about a memphis (which will have the HTC branding so hopefully it's no it) or other thick phone… Tthough it would be nice to know how thick it is compared to the iPhone…

  28. That's quite an intelligent assumption. After all, HTC built the Xperia, and SE said the Xperia line would include other OSes than WM…

  29. Yeah, that Superstar phone looks like its going to actually be the superstar! Why not have the best mobile platform for the best mobile phone??!! Android right??!! :-)

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