Worried about the radiation from your phone?  The Pong classic case has you covered with a custom engineered antenna inside to reduce radiation exposure from your smart phone. The case is custom engineered for specific carrier antennas to provide the best protection. The thin antenna inside the case instantly pairs with your phone when you put it on. The case also provides good protection from drops with military standards. Cell phones and radiation has been a hot topic for quite some time with articles being written from scientist, doctors, and major news corporations. The jury is still out on weather the low frequency radiation emitted from a phone really creates a health risk for heavy users.

Whether or not you believe the radiation from a phone is harmful is debatable but one fact is known there is radiation produced when a phone is being used. The clear fact is now days it’s next to impossible to venture out without a cell phone. With the extinction of pay phones the need for cell phones have become necessity. Add to it the smart phone has made what was several different technologies and made them one. So you must use a phone but your worried about the radiation what do you do? Luckily there are companies out there to counteract that radiation. Pong has put countless amounts of time and research to effectively remove that radiation up to 93%.

The case is a simple hard shell black case with a very identifiable diamond patter on the back. The pattern shown the gold-plated antenna housed within. Not only will the case help with harmful radiation it also advertises a signal boost by optimizing the connection with the tower. The fit and finish is high quality with no noticeable imperfections. The protection it offers allows the user to feel confident while using the phone on the go. You get a sturdy form fit case with the added bonus of reducing radiation exposure and less drop calls.

So whats the verdict? Well for starters this is a well built case that has proven test for durability on bar with most cases. Unfortunately I could not confirm the case helped with call quality. The Galaxy S5 has very good quality and AT&T in my area is superb. I tested in several hit or miss spots around town and the phone call were sent and received with no drop in quality. Was it the case or just a good day is yet to be really told. Other test with cases and no case seem to have the same results. The standout feature is the radiation protection which again I could not really test for definitive proof. Pongs website has ample information about the proof test of their cases and several studies that prove it works to. The case is $49.99 and comes in black only and is carries specific. While being a good quality the price is in the same range as other more protective cases. If you are generally worried about all that radiation in your pocket, hand, and next to your head this is the case for you.

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