Popular Facebook App “Bloo” Goes Open Source

Bloo developer Dimitris Couchell recently announced he is making his popular Facebook application open source.  Couchell cites lack of time as the main reason for making the source code available and who can blame him.  He recently started working for Logitech helping to develop their version of Google TV.  He plans to revamp the original source code of Bloo One (as he is now calling the open source version Bloo Too) so it will be ready for others to pitch in. As of now, Bloo Too isn’t ready for mass developer consumption, but Couchell is calling for artists to send him artwork.  We’ll be sure to let you know when the source code drops.

Anyone interested in what open sourcing Bloo has in store for its users? Will Bloo fall by the wayside as the official Facebook app  improves?