Popular racing game Touch Racing 2 comes to Android.

Marvelous Games has decided to share their popular iOS game with their Android brethren. Touch Racing 2 is an amusing game that provides ample entertainment with not just single but also multiplayer modes, just in case you want to bring your friends in on the fun. Marvelous Games states that you can customize most aspects of the car so you can truly make a one of a kind creation that is sure to leave a trial of flames as you speed across the many tracks provided. Touch Racing 2 seems like a good game to download if you are a fan of the racing genre as it promises a good level of variety in customization, cars, tracks and environments.

You can find more information regarding Touch Racing 2 by clicking on the link provided or by downloading the game via the widget below.



[pb-app-box pname=’com.marvelousgames.touchracing2′ name=’Touch Racing 2′ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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