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Phonebloks began as a college project. It was an idea more than it ever was a business. It was an idea Phonebloks hoped would spread across the internet and someone would grab it and run with it. In the last year or so, the idea has spread, and now multiple companies are using this idea to drive their business. One of those companies is Google.

Project Ara took shape with the acquisition of Motorola. Motorola and Google took the idea of Phonebloks, a modular phone with swappable parts, from idea to concept. And even though Google is in the process of selling Motorola to Lenovo, they are keeping Project Ara in house.

We’ve already seen a glimpse of the future when Google showed off a concept phone at Google I/O earlier this year. It was rough around the edges, and was little more than a boot sequence, but it gave us a glimpse of the future. In that device, we saw a way to own one phone that we could upgrade and change with new modules. This reduces waste, and increases the functionality of our phones.

The latest news from Project Ara is that,

Project Ara will use a modified version of Android L, developed in collaboration with Linaro. Thanks to this version, the modules, except the CPU and the display, will be hot swappable. This means you can change them without turning the phone off. The modules will be available on a new online store, like Play store.

Yes, Google will monetize the crap out of Project Ara and make a ton of money by doing so. But, we are all used to that kind of thing. The main point here is the vision of this modular device becoming a reality; something we can buy, and use, in our daily life.

Check out the video below that shows how far Phonebloks has come in the last year. Don’t you just love videos of people’s dreams coming true?

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