ProOnGo Expense for Android Updated

Calling all ProOnGo Expense users: the free ProOnGo Expense has just been updated with some very cool new features. Such features include:

  • Credit Card Integration – Simply sync a Credit Card with the ProOnGo application, and you will be notified on each purchase made with the card.
  • Mileage Tracking – With the Mileage Tracker using your device’s GPS, just tell the ProOnGo application when you are at your destination and ProOnGo will do the rest.
  • Time Tracking – Simply enter your start and end times into the ProOnGo application, and ProOnGo will multiply your reimbursement to make a new expense.

These new features will definitely bring the ProOnGo Expense application to the next level. If you are a longtime ProOnGo user, leave your opinions about the update in the comments. If you have yet to try this application, you can download it by using the box below! The full press release is also available after the break.



[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]A little bit of detail regarding these features:Credit Card Integration – Sync up your credit card with our app, and then purchases with that card are automatically reported.

Mileage Tracking – We’ve got our Mileage Tracker hooked up w/ the Android device’s GPS, so users just have to alert the app when they reach their destination; ProOnGo does the rest.

Time Tracking – It’s a primitive version, but it’ll get the job done. Users input their start and end times, and the app will multiply by the users’ reimbursement rate to create a new expense. Our BlackBerry version allows users to create time expenses from their call log as well as the built-in calender.



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