pushbullet end to end encryption

Pushbullet, the app that, amongst other things, lets you reply to your text messages from your computer and push files back and forth from your phone, has added end to end encryption. Users will now be able to safely push files and copied text back and forth from their PCs without fear of Pushbullet taking a peek.

In Pushbullet’s brief existence, the heroes behind the app have consistently added features suggested by the community. There was an initial pushback from the developers in adding end to end encryption but the company added it after realized that enabling people to take charge of their security wasn’t a bad thing.

[blockquote author=”Pushbullet”]We know how important keeping this information private is, which is why we’ve alway used secure connections (https) like Gmail and Amazon. Secure connections do have a shortcoming for us though, the data is still visible to Pushbullet. To help you protect your privacy and ensure that nobody but you can read your data, we’ve added support for end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption means your data is encrypted before it leaves your device, and isn’t decrypted until it is received by another of your devices. This means we at Pushbullet only forward encrypted data. By setting up end-to-end encryption, you can be confident that your data is only readable when it’s shown to you.[/blockquote]

Pushbullet is an extremely powerful app that will generally make your life much easier if you switch back and forth between your computer and cell phone a lot. My favorite feature is being able to text from my computer and have it go through my phone. A recent update brought full threaded SMS conversations with message history. It’s very easy to just reply on my computer screen instead of taking my phone out.

The other features that Pushbullet offers are just as convenient. Baked into the app is the ability to see all notifications that show up on your phone, universal copy and paste from your phone to your computer and back, and as well as sending yourself files.

Pushbullet is available for Android and iOS along with browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari across Windows and OSX. The app is so popular that fan-made versions have popped up to take advantage of the features offered by Pushbullet. You can find unofficial versions for Windows Phone, Ubuntu, and Blackberry.

Source: Pushbullet blog

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