Pushbullet updated to send SMS messages from your computer

pushbullet sms update

Pushbullet has a lot of great functionality that allows you to view and reply to notifications from your computer without touching your phone. Up until now, you could only reply to SMS messages sent to you through Pushbullet. With an update yesterday, this has changed.

Now you can start SMS messages from your computer with Pushbullet

With this update, you can now start a SMS message from your computer to send to someone. As long as you have the app installed and the browser extension, you can head to the “SMS” tab and get going. Auto-complete for contacts is available, but if you don’t like that you can change this under the settings.

Currently this is only available on Chrome, but it is making its way onto Firefox and Opera.

If you don’t currently have the app and want to try it, hit the widget below.

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via Android Police

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