Qualcomm and Gameloft Partner to Enhance Mobile Gaming

Qualcomm and Gameloft have announced that the two companies reached an agreement to amplify the gaming experience for a number of successful Gameloft titles. This announcement comes on the heels of today’s NVIDIA Tegra Zone launch. While Tegra Zone merely highlights applications created to benefit from the dual-core processor and accompanying GPU of the Tegra 2, it indirectly sends a message that a device with a Tegra 2 processor is required to play the highest-quality Android games. And so labels Qualcomm Snapdragon devices as being inferior products.

But with its new agreement with Gameloft, Qualcomm is looking to prove that their Snapdragon chipset is a superior mobile gaming platform. The two companies will collaborate to develop games that maximize the full potential of the Adreno(R) GPU. Raj Talluri, Vice President of Product Management for Qualcomm, notes that Qualcomm will be “working closely with Gameloft to pre-optimize their impressive portfolio of mobile games for Snapdragon processors.” While the Tegra 2 may, in fact, be a more powerful platform, at the end of the day, it is exciting to see Qualcomm take an interest in improving the quality of games available in the Android Market.

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