QuickPic goes down, Focus swoops in to save the day

QuickPic was a popular gallery app replacement. It seemed that everyone was using it. Heck, I was using it! Everybody was living together in harmony.

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attack…

QuickPic is now up on the Play Store under a new name. Cheetah Mobile. The issue with this is that Cheetah Mobile is responsible for bringing us apps like Clean Master and CM Speed Booster.

As any true Android fanatic can tell you, apps like this are snake oil and really have no purpose in existence except to take your money or shove ads in your face. Cheetah Mobile tends to do the former.

Any app developer who publishes apps similar to Clean Master or CM Speed Booster automatically lose my trust. If they are shamelessly taking advantage of naïve users in that manner, what else are their apps doing in the background?

At the very least, we expect Cheetah Mobile to shove ads all over QuickPic distracting from the users photos.

QuickPic, now apart of Cheetah Mobile, is no longer a trustworthy app in my eyes. Nor in the eyes of many other users out there like Lucas Freeman, Senior Administrator of Swappa.com.

 Francisco Franco decided to capitalize on this. Franco is highly respected developer in the Android root community. He has brought us goodies like the franco.Kernel, Peek and Servicely. Franco has recognized the shattered trust of QuickPic users and has now offered up his own gallery app, Focus, up as a solution and slapped a 30% off sale on premium features.

This clever bit of marketing is sure to bring in many new customers for Franco. In fact, I just purchased Focus last night as I escaped the clutches of Cheetah Mobile.

Congrats to Francisco Franco on this stock of marketing genius and shame on QuickPic for selling out to Cheetah Mobile.

Sure, we could all just be being paranoid, but Android users are generally skittish and over protective of their data. This is just one example of that paranoia, and Focus really is a sweet gallery app. You should check it out now if you haven’t already!


Oh yeah, did we mention it has Material Design? What are you waiting for? Go! Go! Go! At least check it out, it is free after all. The 30% sale is just for premium features that you probably don’t even need.

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